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Spotting and Solving Drain Issues in Your Home

Let’s talk about something vital to keeping your home running properly—drainage! Making sure your plumbing works smoothly is important for every homeowner. Drains play a big role in your house by taking away wastewater to the sewer system. But, if they become clogged, they can cause bad smells, gross water backup, and even severe damage your property. 

Don’t worry though—our friendly plumbing pros are here to help you spot drain issues and the signs that mean your drains need a professional touch. Keep reading to find out more! 

Clogging Issues

Ever notice water not going down the drain like it should? Clogs happen when stuff like hair, debris, or food bits block the pipes. What you put down your drains matters, so also avoid pouring grease or cooking oil down the sink, as they will solidify and create blockages. And be mindful about what you flush down the toilet! Items like wet wipes, paper towels, and hygiene items should go in the trash.

Slow Drainage

Is water taking its sweet time to go down the drain? That’s slow drainage, and it’s a sign something might be up. A bunch of things can cause it, like clogs, pipes not working right, or even how the drain was put in. Another common culprit? Overgrown tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer lines. To prevent this, consider planting trees away from your sewer lines or installing root barriers.

Unusual Noises

When your pipes start making strange sounds, it’s like they’re trying to tell you something’s not right with your drains. Weird noises can happen if there’s a blockage or pipes that are getting rusty. In addition to peculiar rumbles and gurgles, pay attention to any sudden changes in water pressure or water temperature.

Proper Drain Hygiene

Taking care of your drains is a top-notch move to keep your drainage system in great shape. Just like tidying up your place, your drains need a little love too. Give them a good clean with an enzyme-based cleaner every now and then to eliminate gunk and dirt. Remember, though, it’s a no-go for strong chemicals down the drainthey can hurt your pipes. 

Drain Cleaning Tips

Help keep your drains flowing with these simple suggestions: 

  1. Avoid pouring grease or cooking oil down your drains, as they can solidify and cause blockages. Dispose of them in the trash instead.
  2. Use mesh screens to catch larger debris and keep them out of your drains. This can significantly reduce the chances of clogs forming.
  3. Scrape leftover food into the trash before washing dishes. Food particles that go down the drain can accumulate over time and cause blockages.
  4. Consider installing a water softener if you live in an area with hard water. Hard water can lead to mineral buildup in pipes, which can contribute to clogs. 
  5. Have your sewer lines inspected with a camera “at least once per year for peace of mind,” says Goettl Master Plumber Gary Eisenhauer. 

For more solutions, check out this episode of Goettl Homeowner Tips on YouTube.

Goettl’s Professional Drain Services

Keeping your drains happy and catching plumbing problems early on is a big deal in keeping everything flowing smoothly. If you see any of the signs mentioned above, it’s time to bring in a Goettl plumbing expert. They can give your drainage system a checkup, clean things up, and fix anything that needs fixing. Your plumbing will thank you! 


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