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Indoor Air Quality Services 

Boost your health with Goettl’s indoor air quality services. From air purification to ductwork, we ensure clean, healthy air in your home.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters  

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has a significant impact on our general health and well-being. To promote a healthier living space, it’s crucial to ensure proper ventilation and eliminate pollutants in your home. Some of the most common indoor air pollutants come from appliances that are usually safe, but under certain conditions, can release harmful or deadly combustion pollutants into your home. Appliances that lack ventilation or were installed incorrectly can also add large amounts of moisture to the air, potentially resulting in bacterial and microbial growth that can negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home. 

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solutions 

Breathe easy with Goettl’s personalized air quality solutions designed to create a healthier indoor environment for your home. Our expert technicians are certified and will install any of the following options with professionalism, precision, and efficiency:

  • Air Purifiers & Filtration Systems 
  • Ventilation Systems 
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers 
  • UV Germicidal Lights 

Air Purifiers and Filtration Systems

Improve your health and well-being with Goettl’s air purification systems. Our systems effectively reduce harmful pollutants and contaminants such as microbial growth, dust, airborne viruses, and bacteria in your indoor air, keeping you and your loved ones healthy and comfortable.

Electronic Air Purifiers

The filter in your HVAC system exists to protect the system itself, rather than to improve your indoor air quality. Electronic air purifiers give pollutants an electric charge as they pass through, trapping dirt, dust, and dander on plates with an opposite charge. Some models even release these pollutants, allowing them to stick to surfaces to easily be cleaned during regular cleaning. 

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Systems

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) uses UV energy to effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other microbial growth in the air of your home. By passing air through HVAC systems and fans into the disinfection zone, airborne pathogens are destroyed with the precise amount of UV energy needed. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that UVGI poses no risk to the health of humans and your beloved pets, thanks to specialized fixtures designed to prevent direct UV exposure.

Activated Carbon Filters

Looking for an effective way to remove harmful pollutants from your indoor air? Look no further than activated carbon filters! These filters use their large surface area and millions of pores to trap contaminants, using an absorption process that binds the pollutants to the carbon surface.  

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are high-quality air filters specially designed to capture a wide range of harmful air particles. These thick, pleated filtration tools work by three innovative mechanisms—diffusion, interception, and impaction—to ensure your air stays clean and healthy. 

Ventilation Systems

Improve your indoor air quality with our state-of-the-art ventilation system installation. Our systems effectively eliminate airborne contaminants such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, while simultaneously circulating fresh air throughout your home. Say goodbye to stagnant air and hello to a healthier, breathable indoor environment.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Improve your indoor air quality with a humidifier or dehumidifier installation. The key is keeping the relative humidity levels in your home between 30% and 50%. Going above 50% will result in discomfort from the excess moisture, while dropping below 30% can leave the air uncomfortably dry and potentially damaging. Let Goettl help you achieve the perfect balance.

Duct Services

Your home’s air ducts play a crucial role in distributing conditioned air throughout your house. If they are damaged or improperly installed, it can lead to a variety of problems, including increased health risks and an inefficient HVAC system that will lead to higher energy costs.  

If you notice more dirt and dust in your home than usual, larger than usual heating and cooling bills, or an increase in allergies or asthma symptoms for those in your household, this is a telltale sign that your duct system is not working the way it’s supposed to. It’s crucial you have a professional HVAC inspect your system to find out what the issue is. That’s where our experienced team comes in!  

Our team of certified HVAC professionals provide customers with comprehensive duct services to find the problem and address it to get your duct system working efficiently once again.   

We’ll begin with duct testing services to find out much more about your home’s ductwork. Our experts will visit your home and discuss the problems you are having. They’ll perform tests that will locate where your ducts have air leaks that are causing the increase in dust, allergens, and your energy costs. Upon completion of the duct testing, our experienced team will know exactly what the issue is and come up with a plan to repair the problem.  

In addition, we provide duct sealing services to improve the efficiency of your ductwork. This is the best way to repair your ducts and reduce any air loss that will increase your monthly energy bills.  

We will also provide duct cleaning services to make sure that there aren’t any obstructions to the air ducts within your HVAC system.  Pollutants and allergens like dust, dirt, and other contaminants are greatly reduced by our duct cleaning services.   

Our Indoor Air Quality System Installation Process

Our process starts with an air quality assessment to analyze your specific needs. Based on our analysis, we will recommend the perfect IAQ system for your home. Our certified technicians provide a seamless installation with quality assurance and a satisfaction guarantee. Beyond installation, we offer ongoing maintenance and support, including 24/7 emergency service to ensure your IAQ system performs at its best. 

Indoor Air Quality System Installation Cost

Installing an indoor air quality system in your home is a great way to maintain a healthy living environment. There are certain factors that will influence how much you pay for the installation of an IAQ system, including the size of your property, the types of pollutants present, and the specific system you select.  

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