• Doing things the right way, not the easy way since 1939.

    The Goettl name has been recognized for excellence in heating and air conditioning installation and service for over eight decades. Today, led by CEO Ken Goodrich, we carry on the legacy of quality and reliability started by our founders, Gust and Adam Goettl.

If our customers aren’t happy, we’re not happy.

Each of our customers receives a complete estimate, comprehensive review of service recommendations, and a three-day right to cancel — after work has already started. We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and we’ll do our best to exceed all expectations.

It starts with the Wheaten Greetin’



Sadie — our resident Wheaten Terrier — is a great judge of character. And everyone who works for Goettl is “Sadie-certified.” Her standards are high, but that’s so we can be sure you’re welcoming the best of the best into your home.

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Advocating for our Communities

We proudly partner with organizations across the southwest to reinvest in the communities we serve. Each day is a new opportunity for us to serve the places we call home.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

Better Business Bureau

INC 5000


San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Service Nation

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Southern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Service Contractors Association

Ranking Arizona

Expert Center

2018 Industry Leaders of Arizona are honored

  A joyous crowd filled JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa Thursday night for Az Business magazine’s 2018 Industry Leaders of Arizona Awards. “John Quincy Adams once said, …

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3 Benefits of Annual Heating Tune-Ups

While daytime temperatures are still creeping up toward the 80’s, nighttime temps are dropping below the 50’s regularly. That means that you are probably using your heater to take the chill out of the air at night, at least. Are you serious about getting the very best performance possible from the heater in your home? Then it is vital that you schedule routine heating maintenance each and ever…

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3 Benefits of Ductless Cooling Systems

If you’re looking for a new air conditioning system with a lot of long-term benefits, a ductless cooling system may be right for you. Ductless cooling systems are a great option for homes that do no…

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3 Benefits of Eliminating the Water Heater Tank

For most homeowners, a water heater is a tall, cylindrical appliance that is full of the hot water they need for showering, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, etc. If that is the end of the line when it comes to your awareness of available water heater systems, you’ve got some homework to do. Specifically, we’re giving you the following assignment—just read the rest of this post. (We did…

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3 Clear Reasons for Scheduling Air Conditioning Maintenance

We rely upon our air conditioners a lot in this part of the country, so you need to know that your AC is operating as efficiently as it is effectively. No mechanical system is perfect, of course, and …

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3 Common Problems with Residential Cooling Systems

Today’s residential cooling systems are more efficient and reliable than ever before. This does not mean, though, that there is any such thing as a perfect residential AC. You are going to encounter operational problems with your central air conditioning at some point, regardless of make or model. The problems that you may encounter with your system may vary in terms of severity. What does not v…

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