Waterline Services 

Expert waterline services for homeowners, including repair, replacement, and installation. Trust our experienced plumbers to handle all your waterline needs. 

Families depend on their home’s plumbing and water quality to stay comfortable and healthy. At Goettl, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable waterlines. We only provide the best services for maintaining a healthy waterline system, including waterline repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance. From fixing leaks and broken pipes to water softening and purity, Goettl offers the full range of services to keep your home functioning at its best. 

Waterline Repair 

Depending on the waterline issues your home may be experiencing, we offer trenchless and traditional waterline replacement services. Our plumbing experts provide comprehensive waterline replacement services. They can either replace your waterline or install your new main waterline quickly and with minimal interruption to your daily life.

Signs of Waterline Issues

It’s important not to delay a water main or line repair because it could compromise your home’s water quality if contaminants enter your home’s pipes, or the leak worsens, causing water damage and leaving you with a large water bill. Keep an eye out for these warning signs of potential waterline issues: 

  • Low Water Pressure If your home is experiencing low water pressure from a single plumbing fixture, it could signify that a repair is needed just for that one fixture. However, if there are multiple weak water pressure spots throughout your home, there could be a leak in the main or other lines.  
  • Discolored Water: If your home’s water is discolored, it should be repaired immediately as it may be contaminated and unhealthy to drink. If dirt has entered your water system, it could mean your water main is broken underground. On the other hand, reddish water could mean the pipes are corroded.  
  • Unusual Noises in The Plumbing System: If it’s quiet in the house and you can hear water, there may be a significant leak. This unusual noise in the plumbing system could sound like running water or low babbling water. 
  • Wet Spots in The Yard: Soggy or unstable soil in the yard could indicate a possible waterline problem. It could be a problem with the main waterline underneath the yard, which will need to be repaired.  

Full-Service Waterline Repair & Maintenance  

The Goettl professional plumbers can handle your waterline repairs, including issues with multiple water lines. We begin with an initial inspection and diagnosis of the problem to determine its severity and the best course of action. We will discuss all repair options with you to ensure we find a solution that fits your needs. Every customer we serve receives quality assurance and post-repair testing, ensuring the job is done the right way, not the easy way.®

Waterline Replacement

If you need an alternative to waterline repair, a waterline replacement may be the way to go. For customers in the Southwest, we are your go-to experts for water line replacement. We provide all our customers with decades of knowledge and expertise to determine when a waterline replacement is necessary, whether a trenchless or traditional waterline replacement is best, and we communicate with you throughout the entire line installation process.

When Waterline Replacement Is Necessary

How do you know if your waterline needs to be replaced? Let the expert plumbers at Goettl support you in fixing your waterline to ensure it is corrected properly and effectively. A few considerations when figuring out if your line needs replacing:

  • The age of the water line 
  • Frequency of repairs needed 
  • Any significant damage or leaks 

Trenchless vs. Traditional Waterline Replacement 

If you have broken or corroded waterline pipes that need to be replaced, you will want to determine if trenchless or traditional waterline replacement is best for your home. Our professional plumbers will find the source of the issue and repair the waterline quickly and effectively, so you can continue enjoying the comfort of your home.  

The benefits of a trenchless waterline replacement are better for your yard as it requires less mess and you won’t need additional repairs later. While traditional waterline replacement is reliable, it does require more time and labor as it often means excavating the entirety of the pipe, repairing or replacing it, and then refilling the surrounding hole with dirt. 

When considering which method works best for you, it’s essential to factor in the time available for the work to be completed, the affordability of either option, and which option will provide a stronger supply line with a greater flow.

Line Installation Process

The Goettl expert plumbers are the best at line installation and will communicate with you through every step of the process. From site assessment and planning, installation techniques and materials necessary, and quality control and testing.

Preventative Maintenance and Inspection

We strongly encourage our clients to have their waterlines regularly inspected. By having your waterline routinely inspected, you can extend the life of the waterline and prevent costly repairs. The inspection process is straightforward, and our friendly, knowledgeable plumbers will help you understand the process to feel confident in the work and the result. The inspection begins with a visual inspection, and then we complete a leak detection inspection. Once the issue has been found, we will further conclude a pressure test to determine the problem’s severity.

The Goettl Difference 

Trust Goettl for Your Waterline Service

Goettl provides experienced professionals to help with all your waterline service needs. Our technicians have extensive training and are equipped with the necessary tools to do the job correctly. We offer quality service and strive to provide effective, lasting solutions to keep your home running smoothly. Whether you need a minor repair or a major overhaul, our team of experts can help you find the perfect solution. Trust our comprehensive services completed by highly trained technicians with minimal disruption of daily life. 

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