Tree Root Removal 

The beautiful trees that bless our region can cause a bit of mayhem to your septic system! Call Goettl today for immediate and professional tree root removal services. 

Expert Sewer Tree Root Removal Services Near You 

In the Southwest and Southern California area, there’s one thing we’re blessed with—beautiful, long-lasting trees. However, with this amazing vegetation comes tree roots in sewer lines, which can ultimately cause a bit of mayhem to your septic system. 

For more than 80 years, we’ve been the leading company, delivering results that actually last. Whether you’re looking for tree root removal services or sewer repair, let our team take care of the job, so you can focus on what truly matters. 

Sewer Tree Root Maintenance Services 

Tree root growth in sewer lines is an extremely common occurrence due to the nutrients and oxygen found within the pipes. If there’s even the smallest crack in your pipe, a root will find it, which means waste flow issues for your home. 

Using cutting-edge technology and innovative sewer line cleaning techniques, our team is not only able to remove tree roots from your sewer lines but prevent new ones from finding their way in. We also offer extensive sewer line services, including:  

Common Signs of Root Blockage  

At Goettl, we like our trees and their roots to remain as far away from your sewer lines as possible, so we’ve created a handy guide that will show you signs of tree root blockage.  

Slow/Low-Pressure Drains

Clogs can be harder to find—especially if they’re caused by tree root infestation—so if your normal unclogging methods aren’t working, it’s time to give the team at Goettl a call!


When tree root blockage has been present for a while, you can experience serious flooding issues in both your yard or submerged areas, like your basement. In these emergency cases, it’s best to call a reliable, same-day plumber that can get to the issue immediately. 

Call the Plumbing Professionals at Goettl 

Whether you’re a new customer or a returning one, you can trust that you’ll get the same, reliable and professional service that the Goettl family has been delivering for over 80 years.

At Goettl, we believe that every home deserves clean air and pure water, and that’s what we continue to do.  

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Trust the experts at Goettl to remove pesky tree roots the right way—no temporary fixes, no false promises. What you see is what you get with us and that’s how we like it.  

Our plumbers will work directly with you for each service, small or large, and provide you with a solution that you can feel good about. Leave the tree root removal jobs to us and get back to enjoying your life and home, the way you deserve.