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Do I Really Need Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Absolutely. Regular air conditioning maintenance is crucial, especially in the desert climate. The primary reason for this is the heat and high UV intensity in the regions. It may lead to damaging not only the body of your air conditioner, but also the inner components.

But why is it so important, and must it really be carried out by seasoned professionals only? What’s stopping you from doing it yourself? One of the biggest factors to consider here is the potential safety hazards when performing routine HVAC maintenance.

In this detailed guide, we dive into the reasons for regular air conditioning maintenance and why it’s best left to the professionals, like Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing..

Importance of Professional Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

At first glance you might think, “What’s so hard about AC maintenance?”

It looks like just checking a few things and maybe cleaning some parts. But, trust us, it’s way more involved than that. This is where the pros from Goettl come in. They’ve got the training, the right tools, and they know AC systems inside and out.


So, why bother with a pro? First off, they’ve seen it all. They know exactly where to look and what to fix to keep your air conditioner humming happily. This isn’t just about giving your AC a quick once-over. It’s about diving deep, finding those not-so-obvious problems that could cause big headaches down the road.

Professionals bring a whole toolbox of special gear that’s not lying around in most garages. They use these tools to tune up your AC so it works like a dream, even during those sweltering Phoenix summers. And they have the expertise to keep things under control without damaging the equipment.

Choosing Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing means choosing the team that will always take care of your home comfort systems. They don’t just look under the surface; they examine the deepest parts of your unit, and they replace every missing screw with a brand-new red one.

That’s how you ensure that your air conditioner isn’t merely running; it’s operating efficiently and  helping you keep your energy bill low

Advantages of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

No matter how hard your AC works, if there’s a “chink in its armor,” you might as well be throwing money straight into a bonfire trying to fix it without knowing what the issue is. This is not only because of the countless things you’ll try, but inefficient cooling equals sky-high bills.

This is where regular tune-ups come into play, tackling problems from grime build-up to the normal wear and tear all machines go through. The goal? Making sure your AC runs smoothly so you can chill without sweating over costs.

Here’s a deeper dive into why keeping up with regular air conditioning maintenance is a game-changer:

1. Skyrocketing Cooling Efficiency

Think of your AC like a car. Just as a tune-up can improve your mileage, regular AC maintenance boosts efficiency. It’s all about keeping things clean and in good shape, from filters to coils and beyond.

Goettl23 HVAC SP 109

A clean unit doesn’t have to fight through dirt or clogs to help you get the comfort you need, making it easier on your wallet and the environment.

2. Dodging the Repair Bullet

Air conditioners aren’t invincible. But wouldn’t you rather find and fix a small issue than wait for your AC to wave a white flag? That’s what regular air conditioning maintenance does—it’s like having a superhero for your AC, spotting small foes before they become archenemies.

This preventive care means fewer surprises and repair bills down the line.

3. Enhanced Comfort Levels

A struggling AC can turn your home into a patchwork of hot and cold spots. Consistent maintenance ensures every part of your system is in top form, from airflow to refrigerant levels, making sure cool air reaches every corner of your home.

Also, an AC system that doesn’t have to overwork lasts longer, delaying the need for a costly replacement.

4. Quieting Down

An overlooked benefit of regular maintenance is noise reduction. A well-oiled AC runs smoother and quieter. So, if your unit’s been making more noise than a rock concert lately, it might be time for a check-up.

5. Air Quality Boost

It’s not just about temperature; it’s also about breathing easier. Regular air conditioning maintenance checks include:

  • Cleaning and replacing (if needed) your system’s air filters
  • Clearing out dust, debris, and microbial growth from ducts,
  • Cleaning components to reduce the risk of shorts,
  • Decontaminating the supply lines,
  • Refilling coolant, and more.

This directly impacts the air quality in your home.

6. Staying Warranty-Wise

Many contracts of AC warranties contain provisions for the maintenance of air conditioners. In place of the tune-up, you may be paying a lot of money for the repairs and replacements by yourself.

Other Considerations

When it’s scorching outside, and your AC is your best friend, you want to ensure it’s getting the best care possible, right?

Besides the key maintenance tasks we’ve covered, there are several more areas that Goettl technicians focus on during their exclusive Rejuuuvenation® service to keep your system humming, including:

  1. Deep-Dive System Inspection: This isn’t just a quick peek at your AC. Our expert technicians get into the woods, including the blower fan and the condenser unit outside. They are looking for any indication of trouble, may it be big or small, and being in the know can save you a lot on costs and worries.
  2. Airflow Efficiency: Is your AC huffing and puffing to cool your home? If yes, then something else is wrong. On the other hand, high level of airflow represents the core of a well-functioning cooling system. This means making sure vents are clear, ducts are in top shape, and nothing’s obstructing that cool breeze from getting to you.
  3. Filter Fitness: Think of filters as the lungs of your AC. When they are getting dirty, your system can no longer take a deep breath—this means you might be experiencing problems with air quality. The importance of filter checks and changes can never be overstated. It is the fresh air for your system and helps it run smoother. Also, it keeps the air in your home clean.
  4. Coolant Level: The secret of ice-cold air that you experience when you turn on your air conditioner is refrigerant (also known as the coolant). However, if the temperature is low, the efficiency of your system to cool drops at the same time, when the energy consumption increases. Thus, the best way to check is to be aware of it. Hence, your AC will cool you like a pro and not consume much energy.
  5. Electrical Connection Check-Up: Not properly tightened or poorly connected electrical components do not only affect performance, but they also pose a risk to safety. Incorporating the connections properly and seeing to it that all the wiring is correct will save you from accidents and unexpected hiccups.
  6. Thermostat Tune-Up: The thermostat plays the role of the brain in overall system, turning on and off your air conditioner whenever it is needed. Not all techs  make this service available, implying that it’s an electrician’s job, not theirs. So, we would like to say, yes, we do deal with it every day!
  7. Ductwork Detective Work: Leaky or poorly insulated ducts can let cool air escape, putting extra strain on your AC. Inspecting ductwork for leaks or damage helps ensure that cool air goes where it’s supposed to—into your living spaces.
  8. Condensate Drain Cleaning: That little line that drains water away from your AC can get clogged, leading to water damage or a spike in humidity. Keeping it clear is essential for preventing microbial growth and therefore, musty problems.

Keeping these additional considerations in mind ensures your regular air conditioning maintenance is thorough, keeping your system running efficiently and extending its lifespan. With Goettl, you can trust that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your comfort all summer long!

Get the Most Out of Your HVAC Unit!

With a legacy of trust and expertise, Goettl has been a pillar of quality in air conditioning maintenance across the Southwest. Our friendly, approachable professionals are always up for delivering top-notch service on your cooling, heating, or plumbing systems.

Scheduling routine maintenance with Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing is an investment in your home’s comfort and peace of mind. Call us today to schedule a Rejuuuvenation® and get your AC unit in tip-top shape!


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Jason and Aiden did a great job with the pressure value install great customer service, explained everything that was done and got the job done in just a couple hours which I thought would take longer. Thanks for all the hard work.
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Great guy and on time! Very helpful and polite!
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Rudy and Chris came out and found our leak. Highly professional and extremely skilled. Thanks for doing a good job.
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Abdiel is a very good representative very good with us
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Richard Wenzlaff came to fix our clogged drains and was very polite and professional and quickly fixed us right up. No issues and would highly recommend Goettl to anyone!
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Jeremy arrived early, well groomed, professional. Explained everything to my satisfaction. Quick service, repeat customer for. my 2nd home. A trusted company.
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Rudy and Chris were very helpful, professional and courteous. My only issue was with the scheduling. Our window was 9a-11a. We received text at 8:30a stating technician was enroute so I rushed to property. Tech arrived almost 11:30 after we were given new window of 11-1. This should be no reflection on Rudy and Chris.
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Jehad on time and very knowledgeableExcellent worker with excellent job.
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Rudy and Chris and did a great job. They quickly assessed the problem the with the hot water heater. Rudy got me in touch with the office to get a plan for a new system to be installed today. Excellent service from and Chris. They deserved a 5-Star rating.
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Carlos was kind and honest about work needing to be done to my house. I’ll change my rating if I’m disappointed with their work but so far doing business has been easy and stress free with them.
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