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Don’t Ignore the Need for Heating Repairs

Over the next few weeks, we’ll see temperatures creeping up into the 70’s. It’s certainly a sign of the warmer weather to come, but it doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods of winter just yet. With nighttime temperatures still regularly dropping into the 40’s, you’re definitely going to be using your heating system for the immediate future.

Don’t be fooled into complacency by the fact that we’re heading into the warmer time of the year. Stay on the lookout for these warning indicators, and count on our technicians to keep your heating system up and running properly. Even late in the season, you must never ignore the warning signs that HVAC repair may be necessary.

Common Heater Symptoms

The first step in ensuring that you are able to heat your home reliably, effectively, efficiently, and safely is to invest in a quality heating system and to have that system expertly installed by trained professionals. You must also schedule routine heating maintenance. This provides your heating technician with the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your heater and to tune it up as needed on a regular basis.

Even when you follow these steps, however, there is no guarantee that you are never going to need heating repairs. In fact, it is pretty much a certainty that you will at some point. Scheduling those repairs promptly will help to limit the extent of any damage to your system. That is why you should be able to spot the symptoms of a compromised heater.

  • Reduced heating output. Of all of the signs that your heater is in trouble, a heating system that is no longer heating a home effectively is probably the most common. If the air coming from your heater feels cool, or if cools spots start to pop up in your home, contact us right away.
  • Increased heating costs. The cost of heating your home is obviously going to fluctuate from month to month, depending upon how much you are actually running your heating system. If you notice a big spike in your heating costs, though, despite not having changed your heating habits in a substantial way, then it is possible that your system is experiencing a drop in efficiency due to repair needs.
  • Loud operating sounds. A system like electric radiant heating will operate pretty much silently. If you are using a more common system, like a furnace, heat pump, boiler, or ductless mini split, though, you are going to hear some operating sounds coming from your heater. If you notice that your heater is much louder than usual, or is making strange new noises, contact us right away for repairs.
  • Strange odors. We are not alarmists, but we do want to stress the fact that a malfunctioning heater can potentially lead to safety issues. If you ever smell gas or burning coming from your heater, you should contact a repair technician — or, in the event of gas, the appropriate authorities — immediately. At the beginning of the season you may smell a bit of dust burning off, but anything beyond that demands immediate attention.

Schedule your heating repairs with the professional technicians at Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing.


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Linda LuduenaLinda Luduena
17:35 28 Feb 24
Frank identified the need for new faucets in the master bath and discussed my preferences. The type of faucet being replaced is no longer available (mini wide spread) so he had to do some research to come up with a solution. Had to be ordered, not surprisingly, and we appreciate his conscientious performance.
Nicole DrummNicole Drumm
17:31 28 Feb 24
Jehad was polite and respectful in my home. He completed the job timely and professionally. Highly recommend.
Paul FrenchPaul French
15:37 28 Feb 24
Jehad did a great job with the AC tune-up, and it was all free due to my past services with them!
Calvin ThompsonCalvin Thompson
03:13 28 Feb 24
This was my first service with this company and it was a pleasant one. The technicians were professional and polite and quickly resolved a minor scheduling conflict. Interaction with a sales manager for a quote on needed equipment was equally pleasant.
Darren HarvickDarren Harvick
17:12 19 Feb 24
Nacho, Mike, and Ernesto did a wonderful job on our unit. Professional and courteous!
Christopher SmartChristopher Smart
16:23 19 Feb 24
Peter came out to check over our system. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
Juan CalderonJuan Calderon
00:35 19 Feb 24
Billy was attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. He was awesome!
Christopher GonzalezChristopher Gonzalez
00:23 19 Feb 24
Roy Adame did my AC furnace tune up that is part of my Goettl Sadie membership. He did a great job in explaining what he was doing and checking for. He gave me his expertise recommendation and advice on what to do to have my AC furnace and compressor running better, smoother, and to give off better quality air flow throughout my house. Thank You Roy !
Melinda MoralesMelinda Morales
00:07 19 Feb 24
Joseph was very friendly and professional. He did an awesome job installing our bathroom faucet.
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16:59 11 Feb 24
Plumber Joshua Lopez was AWESOME!
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16:18 11 Feb 24
Husam showed up today and provided great service!
02:32 11 Feb 24
Signed up for the Sadie membership as a a preventative measure to avoid bigger problems down the line. Had my appointment to check my system today and to my surprise the tech discovered a huge gash in my ductwork! Thankfully so because the ductwork up there is a very tight space which I could never squeeze myself into and would’ve gone unnoticed for who knows how long. Huge thank you to Technician Roy Adame for making the trip out on a Saturday afternoon, going the extra mile to fully inspect the system in a tight space, and fully explaining the possible causes of the damage and the impact it would on the system performance. 🙏🏼🤙🏼🫡👏🏼🙂
Melton CerritosMelton Cerritos
23:26 10 Feb 24
Peter was great. He was very thorough on explanation of the units and what needed to be done very grateful for his information.
Crepelandia 210Crepelandia 210
21:17 10 Feb 24
Carlos MacedoCarlos Macedo
17:45 02 Feb 24
Abdiel Chavez was our service technician today for Goettl. He was very thorough, knowledgeable and courteous and the work was done smoothly and in a timely manner. We enjoying meeting Abdiel and having him in our home.
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15:03 02 Feb 24
Tyler did a great job. Fair, honest and while informing me of offers didn’t try and up-sell me. Definitely will use again
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08:28 02 Feb 24
Great customer interaction. Products are too expensive and unrealistic for the average customers 😫
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03:48 02 Feb 24
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01:36 02 Feb 24
Jonathan arrived promptly and was very professional. His diagnosis of the problems was efficient and he spent time to explain the repair process in detail. We were impressed with the quality of service provided.
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16:54 31 Jan 24
Nathan was friendly, professional, and vey informative. Definitely recommend.