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Is Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Worth It?

We encourage you to read this blog post in full, of course, but we can answer the above question for you succinctly and clearly right now. Ready? Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from failing to meet your air conditioning maintenance services needs, unless you consider a subpar performance from your AC to be a gain, somehow.

Believe us; we know air conditioning systems inside and out, and there is no better way to protect the condition of your air conditioner, as well as the quality of its performance, than with routine air conditioning maintenance service. If you are ready to schedule annual AC maintenance in the Tucson, AZ area, then remember that ours is the number to dial. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning is here to handle all of your residential cooling maintenance needs. 

Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

A central air conditioner may not be the most complex piece of machinery in the world, but it is also far from the simplest. There are a lot of different components in your air conditioning system, and every one of those components must function properly and pull its own weight if your system as a whole is too successfully cool your household. All it takes is one compromised component to take away from the efficiency and reliability with which your air conditioner operates. By having your system tuned up by a trained professional on a regular basis, you can rest easy in knowing that every part of that system is functioning properly, meaning that your air conditioner can cool your home reliably while consuming as little energy as possible while doing so.

Additionally, it should be noted that routine air conditioning maintenance is a great opportunity for professional air conditioning technicians to discover any minor and/or developing problems with your AC, even before they are made evident to you. Just because your air conditioner is up and running does not necessary mean that it is doing so precisely as it ought to, and even minor problems can lead to real damages and inefficiency if given the chance. When we expertly tune up your system, we will meticulously inspect and evaluate it as well. That way, we can determine if there are any issues at all requiring further attention. Call today to have your system maintained by an experienced pro.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Rafiu BabatundeRafiu Babatunde
18:22 28 Nov 23
Michael BerkleyMichael Berkley
17:50 28 Nov 23
As part of an annual maintenance contract a technician was dispatched to service the furnace. The veracity of the alleged service problems is indeterminant, but what ensued was a scare tactic laced, relentless pressure induced attempt to make a spot decision to replace the entire furnace. Nobody is so naive to think these are not upsell opportunities for the vendor, but this technician far exceeded the realm of reasonable and did not relent when asked. It is difficult to know the sincerity of any true service problems and give Goettl any credit for honesty. We are largely disappointed and disillusioned with Goettl. Service contract renewal in doubt.
Catherine BowlesCatherine Bowles
17:21 28 Nov 23
was very helpful and professional 👏
Rachel RamosRachel Ramos
16:55 28 Nov 23
Tyler Leija was very thorough and explained everything carefully about our plumbing issues. I’m glad we called Goettl.. Thank You!
G force9299G force9299
15:32 28 Nov 23
William and Peter were amazing! Although Peter is in training, you would not have known if he didn't tell you. Services provided were top notch! Thank you!!!
Linda ClaytonLinda Clayton
22:25 25 Nov 23
Frank M is fabulous! Great service!Sam is wonderful. I would like them to send him every time. Great service. On time. Expert knowledge. Highly recommend!
Scott MillerScott Miller
00:41 25 Nov 23
Great job and fast response. Tyler did a great job.
J NevilJ Nevil
00:34 25 Nov 23
Roger came out on Thanksgiving Day to fix our unit. Turns out, our home builder completely shorted us on the amount of blown-in attic insulation (which you think a home inspector would have caught) and also our unit is too small for our house which is 4 years old. Roger took the time to explain all of this to us in detail and got our unit up and running. Thank you Roger!
Rosalyn DouglasRosalyn Douglas
22:37 24 Nov 23
Michael was very professional and polite. Got the job done in a timely manner installing the sensors.
Michael SchmidtMichael Schmidt
22:10 24 Nov 23
Joseph was professional, friendly, and very thorough. He answered all of our questions and gave us a detailed explanation of what the problem was and why it occurs.
Joel RuizJoel Ruiz
16:02 20 Nov 23
Ralph did a great job, was on time and explained everything very clearly.
Sunshines BuggySunshines Buggy
01:26 20 Nov 23
21:19 19 Nov 23
Jeremy Ortega did an excellent job cleaning the drain
Jay TēperJay Tēper
22:22 18 Nov 23
I found Darean to be completely polite and professional. He kept me informed as he went what he was doing and why. He answered my questions and gave me some advice as well on how to keep my plumbing and faucets in good shape.
Armando TrujilloArmando Trujillo
21:27 18 Nov 23
Tnank You to Josh and Roger they were very courtesy, friendly, and knowledgeable, we valued their honesty and opinion. As customers it was important to us to feel comfortable in making our decision. They did a great job and would recommend them to family and friends.Best bro"s ever.,
Juan LudwigJuan Ludwig
17:58 18 Nov 23
Frank M did a great job explaining our iptions. Very much appreciated!
George TannerGeorge Tanner
13:52 18 Nov 23
Great service provided.
James MarshallJames Marshall
05:34 18 Nov 23
Technician Abdiel answered all of my questions.
Maritza LabradorMaritza Labrador
05:05 18 Nov 23
Jimmy CaldwellJimmy Caldwell
00:00 18 Nov 23
Darean serviced our drain line blockage. His professionalism and knowledge for being so young was incredible. This has been one of our best experiences working with a plumber. He was methodical, clean, (like really clean!), and very determined to go above and beyond. I don't leave reviews often but this experience was worthy of a 5 star review. Highly recommend Darean.