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7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

As the summer heat intensifies, your AC breaking down is the last thing you’d want. A 100% reliable air conditioning system is a bit of a cliché, but catching issues early can minimize damage. Keeping your air conditioner in optimal shape will help you recognize the following seven signs of trouble, so you know when to schedule repairs.

1. Increased Cooling Costs

If your air conditioning bills give you chills, you need to check your AC for efficiency. An inefficient system will have to work doubly hard to provide that cooling effect, causing increased energy consumption. Consider scheduling a repair if you notice a significant spike in your cooling costs.

Understanding the Impact of an Inefficient System

An inefficient air conditioning system can cause financial strain. When your AC works twice as hard to cool your home, more energy is consumed, increasing your bills. Some things that can cause your AC to become inefficient include dirty filters, refrigerant leaks, or worn-out components. Deal with these issues promptly to avoid further financial strain.

Monitoring and Managing Cooling Costs

Keeping track of your energy bills and comparing them to previous months or years will allow you to monitor your cooling costs effectively. If you notice a sudden and significant cost increase, it indicates a problem with your air conditioner. You can avoid it by scheduling regular maintenance checks to ensure your AC operates efficiently.

2. Decreased Cooling Output

A major sign of a malfunctioning air conditioner is that it struggles to cool your home effectively. You must not ignore this issue as it can lead to further damage. Make sure your AC is the right size for your home and seek professional help if you notice a decline in performance.


Understanding the Causes of Poor Cooling

Decreased cooling output from your air conditioner can signal several problems with your system. These include dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks, malfunctioning components, or improper installation. You may need professional help  to find the root cause of the problem to restore your AC’s cooling efficiency.

Addressing Decreased Cooling Output

If your AC struggles to keep your home cool, you must take prompt action. Checking and replacing your air filters for proper airflow is a good place to start. If the problem persists, you may need a professional inspection to diagnose and repair any underlying issues. Additionally, ensure that your AC is properly sized for your home’s cooling needs; an undersized unit may not cool your space efficiently.

3. Unusual Sounds

Loud or unusual sounds from your AC unit are not normal and signal a problem with your system. If you hear anything unusual, such as grinding, squealing, or banging, get your AC inspected by a professional.

Identifying Common AC Sounds and Their Causes

It is normal for your air conditioner to produce some noise during operation, but certain sounds can indicate underlying issues. For example, a grinding noise is a sign of malfunctioning motor bearings, while a squealing noise may suggest a worn-out belt. Banging or clanging sounds could signal loose or broken parts. Recognizing these sounds can help you diagnose the problem early.

Take Action Against Unusual Sounds

Do not wait to have your AC inspected if you hear any unusual sounds from your unit. Ignoring these sounds can cause further damage and potentially costly repairs. A trained technician can tell you the noise source and recommend repairs to restore your AC’s performance. Regular maintenance can also keep these issues from happening in the future.

4. Strange Smells

A musty or pungent odor from your air conditioner could indicate microbial growth. It affects the air quality in your home but, more importantly, indicates a potential problem with your AC unit. If you notice any strange smells, have your unit inspected and repaired if necessary.

Recognizing Different Odors and Their Causes

There are several reasons for strange smells coming from your air conditioner. A musty odor, for example, could suggest microbial growth within the unit. A pungent smell, on the other hand, may indicate a burnt wire or insulation. Understanding the source of the scent can help you address the problem effectively.

Addressing Strange Smells

If you notice any unusual odors from your air conditioner, you must act promptly. Check your air filters and change them if they are dirty. If the smell persists, schedule a professional inspection to identify and resolve the underlying issue. Ignoring strange smells from your AC can compromise indoor air quality and put you at risk of potential health hazards.

5. Poor Air Quality

A decline in indoor air quality should alert you about potential problems with your AC. A malfunctioning AC can circulate dust, allergens, and other pollutants, causing respiratory issues and discomfort. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can improve air quality and keep your home healthy.

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Understanding the Impact of a Malfunctioning AC on Air Quality

A malfunctioning air conditioner often causes poor indoor air quality by circulating dust, allergens, and other pollutants throughout your home. It can cause several health problems, including respiratory conditions, allergies, and discomfort for you and your family. You must identify and resolve the root cause of the issue to improve air quality and maintain a healthy living environment.

Improving Air Quality Through Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can improve air quality in your home. You should schedule regular HVAC inspections and filter replacements to keep your air conditioner functioning properly. If you notice a decline in air quality, such as increased dust or allergens, contact a professional to inspect your AC unit and address any issues affecting air quality.

6. Leaks or Moisture

Any leaks or moisture around your air conditioner could indicate a problem with the unit. Leaking refrigerant or condensation can cause serious issues if not addressed promptly. If you notice any leaks or moisture, contact a professional for inspection and repair.

Identifying the Source of Leaks or Moisture

Leaks or moisture around your air conditioner may indicate leaking refrigerant or condensation buildup. You must identify the source of the leaks or moisture to determine the appropriate course of action. Leaking refrigerant, for example, can harm your health and the environment and should be addressed immediately.

Addressing Leaks or Moisture Issues

If you notice any leaks or moisture around your air conditioner, contact a professional for inspection and repair. Ignoring it can further damage your AC unit and cause potentially costly repairs. A professional can find the source of the leaks or moisture and recommend the necessary repairs to restore your AC’s performance.

7. Thermostat Issues

Your AC’s performance will be affected if your thermostat is not functioning properly. Incorrect temperature readings or an unresponsive thermostat can cause inconsistent cooling and discomfort. Ensure your thermostat is calibrated correctly and replace it if necessary.

Recognizing Common Thermostat Problems

A malfunctioning thermostat is often the cause of inconsistent cooling and discomfort in your home. Common thermostat issues include incorrect temperature readings, unresponsiveness, or erratic behavior. These problems can affect your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency.

Resolving Thermostat Issues

If you suspect your thermostat is malfunctioning, you can take several steps to resolve it. Firstly, check the thermostat settings and ensure they are set to the correct temperature. If the problem persists, recalibrate or replace the thermostat. A professional can help diagnose the problem and recommend the best action.

Take Action Now!


Recognizing these signs early can help keep your air conditioner operating efficiently throughout the summer. If you suspect an issue with your AC, don’t hesitate to contact Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing for professional assistance.

We offer expert AC repair services to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. With our experienced technicians and quality of service, you can trust Goettl to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Schedule your AC repair or inspection with us today.


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