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Tips for Efficient Cooling

ac-on-pile-of-moneyThere is no point in sugarcoating it. The heat so far this summer has been absolutely brutal. When you have flights grounded due to the extreme heat, you know that things are getting serious. If you want to live comfortably, then you need to get serious about your home cooling system. Of course, most homeowners are also serious about another topic: their budgets. If you are having trouble reconciling the running of your AC with your budget, we’ve got a few tips to help you out.

Modern air conditioners are more efficient than ever, but the fact is that cooling your home comes at a price. The key is to keep that price as low as possible, without sacrificing your comfort and that of your family in following this pursuit. Keep these handy tips in mind, and remember that you can always turn to Goettl Air Conditioning for truly outstanding air conditioning services in Chandler, AZ.

Draw the Curtains

This is probably the simplest way in which you can help your air conditioner out a bit. During the day, when the sun is shining its hardest, block it out of your home by using heavy curtains. In many homes, there is nobody home during the day anyway. Simply keeping the sun’s shining rays out of the house can seriously reduce heat gain over the course of the day.

Use the Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is not there to be used on cooler days when you can get away without running the air conditioner. It is there to be used in conjunction with your air conditioning system, helping to circulate cooled air throughout your home. While the fan will not actively cool the air, it can help you to feel more comfortable so that you can dial back the thermostat a bit.

Open the Windows

No, you are not going to be leaving your windows open when you run your air conditioner. That is only going to drive your costs up exponentially. When we do have a cooler night, however, take advantage of it. Not only will letting that cool air in and then trapping it inside when you wake up help to cut back on energy use, but it’s a great way to keep the air quality in your home fresh.

Schedule Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you’ve explored our site or read this blog previously, then chances are you know how big a deal routine air conditioning maintenance really is. If you fail to schedule air conditioning maintenance each and every year for your system, then you are seriously rolling the dice in terms of not only how efficiently it will operate, but just how long it will continue to operate at all.

When a professional technician tunes up your air conditioner, he or she will do much, much more than just change the filter. We’re talking the testing of many different components, lubrication of many moving parts, and the cleaning of many different contacts. Schedule maintenance with us to get the most from your AC.

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