How AquaChill Systems Differ from Traditional Air Conditioners

Air conditioning a home in Phoenix is a Big Deal—often a Big Expensive Deal. With summers that can routinely climb to mid-day highs of 120°F, air conditioners must run almost around-the-clock to make temperatures tolerable… and that means steep cooling bills.

However, you have more options for air conditioning your home today than the standard central AC. At Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, we offer the AquaChill system as an alternative. Thanks to the innovative combination of using both air and water to cool down the refrigerant in an air conditioner, you can have the level of comfort you want without worrying about draining your budget every summer.

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What makes AquaChill different from my current air conditioner?

The standard air conditioner is an “air-source” system: it uses the air as the medium for the heat exchange it carries out to cool down your home. The refrigerant in the AC extracts heat from inside a home, making the interior cooler; it then moves that heat and releases it to the outside. However, the hotter the temperature, the more energy an air conditioner must expend to cool a home to a comfortable level—and in Phoenix’s blistering highs, an AC can need to strain an enormous amount.

An AquaChill resembles the standard air conditioner in most ways. It also cycles refrigerant, and it uses a compressor to change the refrigerant into a high-pressure gas that will move through the system. However, aqua chill also employs water—similar to an evaporative or swamp cooler, although it is not actually a swamp cooler—to aid the cooling. An AquaChill uses a water spray to pre-cool the outdoor condenser coils so that the air conditioner will more rapidly cool down a home. Essentially, the water gives the AC a “head start” so it won’t need to run as long to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And it doesn’t add any excess moisture into your home the way that swamp coolers do, because water is only used on the outside coil.

However, you cannot simply pick out an AquaChill unit and hope for the best. Because it still works in a fashion similar to an air conditioner, Aqua Chill installation in Phoenix, AZ requires experts in AC work. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning is proud to offer the advantages of the AquaChill system, and we can help you find the effective and efficient unit that will keep your home cool and your budget under control all through the summer.