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The Benefits of Packaged Air Conditioners

If you need a new air conditioning system for your home or commercial property, a packaged AC may be the right choice for you. Packaged air conditioners are unique in that you’ll only need to install a single cabinet, often on the rooftop or right outside of the building. If you’ve considered this option for your home or business, but you still are not sure it’s the right choice, check out some of the benefits of packaged air conditioners below.


Many homeowners choose a packaged system because they do not have space for an indoor evaporator unit. Traditional air conditioners require the installation of both an indoor evaporator to absorb heat and an outside condenser to release it outside. But with a packaged unit, all of the components are together in one cabinet. And, since packaged units are often installed on the roof, you may not have to worry about finding space on the ground for the cabinet either.


For many commercial properties, it’s important that maintenance or repairs are completed quickly so that business can return to normal as quickly as possible. That’s where the single-cabinet design comes in handy. A technician can find all of the components in a single location and may locate problems more quickly. Additionally, if the unit is located on the roof, the technician says out of the way during installation and repairs, which means a service call won’t interrupt your home or office too much.

Modular Units

Finally, packaged air conditioners are an excellent choice for many businesses because they are modular. Air conditioners are sized to meet a certain load according to the size of a space, the number of people in the building, and many other factors. As your business expands, you may need to change the size of your air conditioner. With most systems, this would require replacement, but with a modular, packaged unit, a technician can simply add on another module to adjust the cooling capacity.

The professionals at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning can tell you more about finding and installing efficient packaged air conditioners in Vail. Call today!


What Our Customers Say About Us

Todd IngramTodd Ingram
00:34 17 Sep 23
Had Doug Rivera and Aidan from Goettl come out to flush out my water heater. But when they did a whole house inspection they found a few more concerning things. One was my water softener hasn’t worked in years and pushing hard water. Then they noticed how my toilets in bad shap and a few things rusted. So I had them install a 3 star water softener then 3 must needed toilets. This water softener is badass! And water is super soft. Also, they added a nice drinking super filtered water spout. Must needed for all the cooking and drinking from the kiddos. Their service and professionalism is unmatched. Thank you for your hard work Doug.
Marzella VoeunMarzella Voeun
01:23 30 Aug 23
It’s been almost a week with our new 3 ton system and we are so happy. Danny and Roy did an awesome job educating us with the installation. And the next day as well with the duct cleaning and sealing. We have such piece of mind now.
R JarvisR Jarvis
19:08 10 Aug 23
Doug, Pedro, and Greg were fantastic to work with today. Every single gentleman was prompt, professional, and expertly skilled at their job. They were also really pleasant to talk to...I'm truly grateful that I called Goettl because good help is hard to find. Working with a company that has so many wonderful employees feels like hitting the jackpot. I would absolutely trust each gentleman with future work. Not only that...I'd absolutely refer friends and family to them (the real test of trust). Thanks again guys for doing such a great job!
James GrahamJames Graham
01:50 28 Jul 23
Great 👍 so far excellent service , Blake , Mathew did an amazing job work was well done and exceptional 💪 super great on time knowledge ,neatness and kind. They never gave up 160 degrees in the atticSo updateOur cooling system is hotter than expected by 5 degrees when they came out today we noticed there was a hole in the opening of the AC which causes the AC box to be extremely hot. So far they plan to fix the hole, we have pets it's been 2 months since the AC has been installed and they are already recommended ac cleaning which was over 2k. I think that is a bit extreme and of course it Voids the warranty if it's cleaned by anyone else ... So just a reminder to review and think carefully about your ac company our ac was 10k for a 14 c unit... It runs Praise God and for the system checked out. As for our house we will have to manage with air filters.
Candace CorcoranCandace Corcoran
02:15 20 Jul 23
This company is the very Best. After a late afternoon SOS call because of some serious water issues. They found a tech to come out today and get this figured out.The Service Guy- Tyler came out at 845PM to help fix my Pressure Release Valve that blew up my water softener today. It has been a horrible day, and this company made every effort to help me get this taken care of so it doesn't happen again.Not something anyone wants to experience.The service guy, Tyler, was professional and very informational. He explained all of the issues to me and is trying to fix this. This company is the best at professionalism and customer service. I would give them a 10 star. This plumbing company will get the job done and done right. You will not be sorry you choose them. They are the BEST! Thank you
Todd AulbaughTodd Aulbaugh
02:10 27 Jun 23
From start to finish, our experience with this company was top notch. Their response time was immediate, and when we were scheduled their employees kept us updated with time arrival estimates. During the service, Andrew was extremely knowledgeable, diligent, and went the extra mile to ensure we got our situation figured out and resolved. Andrew spent the time to make sure to check all the pipes, explain the issue, and conduct a water test in front of us so we could fully understand the area and process. Andrew is well spoken, great at what he does, and also a genuinely nice person. We also met Andrew’s supervisor, Ben, that was extremely pleasant as well and diligent with the process of purchasing a water softener system. The entire process was stress- free, comfortable, personable, and successful. Thank you guys so much and it was awesome working with your team!
Wanda RhoadesWanda Rhoades
18:19 25 Jun 23
Raymond and Joe have been great, reliable, very respectful, cleans up after themselves great. Absolutely 2 great guys. Carlos came first for AC repair and because unit was so old he recommended a total new unit. Carlos was very great, reliable, very respectful and cleaned up after himself. This is our first time using Goettl and we are very very pleased with the service and all 3 were very respectful. I would definitely recommend them for any service they do.
TM ClementTM Clement
14:20 24 Jun 23
We had our new AC unit, both inside and outside, installed after the old one chose to suddenly retire. I can’t blame it- it had faithfully served for 20yrs, so it was due its pension. A little warning would have been nice, but here we are. On the 1st day of an historic heat wave, it went out. That was Monday afternoon. We had a tech out on Wednesday, late morning, and an installation team arrived late Friday morning. Those 2 guys were absolutely amazing, worked professionally, efficiently, and they knew their stuff! By Friday evening, we were finally starting to get some relief! On Saturday morning, it was actually cold enough that I had to turn it down (up?)! Thanks, Goettl, for saving us! You’re a little expensive, but I guess supply and demand will do that. It’s the reason for one star removed- if not for the astronomical pricing, it would have been 5 stars.
Ryan HRyan H
20:21 18 Jun 23
I cannot begin to express how incredibly thankful I am for Johnathan from Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing San Antonio. I had a major plumbing issue on Father's Day, and Johnathan swooped in like a superhero to save the day. And let me tell you, it was no ordinary plumbing problem – it was a clogged sewer line that had turned my house into a toiled-toilet! Yikes!Picture this: it's a scorching afternoon, the sun is beating down mercilessly, and all of a sudden, my toilets start doing their best impression of a water park. I was in desperate need of a plumbing wizard, and that's exactly what Johnathan turned out to be!Despite the sweltering heat and the fact that it was Father's Day (the man deserves a day off, for goodness' sake!), Johnathan arrived promptly, armed with all the tools of his trade and a smile that could brighten even the darkest of sewer lines.So, if you ever find yourself knee-deep in plumbing troubles (literally or figuratively), do yourself a favor and call Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing San Antonio. And if you're lucky enough to have Johnathan show up at your door, consider yourself blessed. Not only will he fix your plumbing problems, but he'll do it with a smile, a joke, and the kind of dedication that makes you believe in superheroes.Thank you, Johnathan, for turning my Father's Day fiasco into a memorable experience filled with laughter and relief. You're a rockstar, and Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing San Antonio is lucky to have you on their team!Five stars, two thumbs up, and a standing ovation for Johnathan!
Brian YoungBrian Young
17:58 09 Jun 23
Called after midnight for a leak. The answering service employee said he could have someone come by between 11 am and 1 pm.Doug Rivera arrived at about 11 am. He located the leak and fixed it. He applied the $50 discount card sent to me.He was knowledgeable 6 seems to enjoy his work.He gets a rating of 5 stars. Overall, the company gets 4 stars. The price is high per the time spent. He completed the job in less than an hour. Then, doing the payment took a few minutes.While the service is good, the price is steep. If one can't afford the payment, they'd have to charge it. Charging it would mean interest on the payment. Something as essential as plumbing should have the option of installment payments. You likely have some who would use you but can't afford it. I do realize installment plans can be problematic if one doesn't pay on time. Tricky situation for both you and the customer.Also, $89 to come out. I can see that if the customer declines to have the work done. If the customer agrees to the repair, the service fee ought to be taken off.Again. Doug is only charging what Goettl requires. He did the job and gets 5 stars.
Roger GraysonRoger Grayson
20:22 26 Apr 23
We had the A/C rejuvenation. (Preventive maintenance) I was impressed with the technician.(Jesus Gloria)He was very personable and professional. He took time after the service to explain what he did. He also gave suggestions that could help the longevity and performance of of our A/C system. I am very pleased with the service. Thanks Jesus and Goettl A/C.
Nansy BarrientosNansy Barrientos
17:11 23 Nov 22
Steven Martinez came to complete repairs. His carpentry work was top of the line. The repairs looked as if nothing had ever taken place. EXCELLENT JOB!! We are VERY happy with the service GOETTL provided. Very professional company!
M AugustineM Augustine
14:25 11 Sep 22
This company is very responsive and made sure that my services could be completed very quickly.George the technician that was sent out is amazing, he came out and diagnosed the issue. Although it was not something we were expecting considering it is a brand new home he treated the issue with so much care and consideration. Which is exactly what we needed during such a stressful time. I felt he was on our side and genuinely cared. He walked in with a stuffed dog named Sadie and small gestures like that just put me at ease.He walked us through the whole process to make sure we understood and were happy.We then spoke to Tim who helped us picked the best AC for our home. Giving us 1-5 star ratings on systems. Tim as well treated this issue with so much care and consideration.Through each step of this process I felt very informed and aware of what was going on.I 1000% recommended this company
Kelby BellowsKelby Bellows
15:28 29 Jun 22
Josue was great! They found the issue very fast and got our air conditioner working within the hour that he was here. It was 84 in our house when they arrived and house has already cooled 6 degrees! 🥵 Very grateful for Goettl and their excellent customer service. We signed up as a member because we were so impressed and are looking forward to receiving regular maintenance from them.
Ty WilliamsTy Williams
00:12 26 Jun 22
Our AC system froze up on June 7. We called a local Cibolo tech who said to thaw out the system, change the air filter, and see what happens. All was good for a week or so; it appeared. I respect tech who was not out to grab money. We called Goettl on Sunday, June 19, and arranged for a rejuvenation. On Tuesday, June 21, the system froze again, and we called Goettl and told them the service call needed to shift from "re juuuuu-venation" to repair and possible replacement. The air handler was 8.5 years; the compressor was as old as the house,13.5 years old. The air handler died immediately when the warranty expired and was replaced with a different brand than the compressor. We have 3220 sq feet to cool.Goettl texted me and said a technician would be coming between 1 and 3 p.m. (the appointment time was bumped up., Yay!) on Wednesday, June 22. Our tech guy Billy, friendly and professional, took a look at our compressor and suggested that the compressor may be too small for the house. *Spoiler alert* He was right. He looked inside the system and ran several checks. The starting current for the compressor was just over 150 amps--not good. The compressor's max rating was 130 amps. The dude gave me some serious side-eye when I told him the air handler and compressor were different brands. Based on his looks and no words from him, this choice was egregious and unforgivable in Billy's world. I told him the price was right, and the fix lasted 8.5 years. He said that argument was hard to refute. He asked about the need for portable AC units that kept us afloat.The conversation was an easy one. There was zero pressure from Billy to upgrade. We discussed options such as ductwork and an additional thermostat for upstairs to deal with top versus floor heating and cooling differences and hopefully eliminate the need for portable AC units. Billy suggested that those future upgrades or modifications may be considered after the new system was in place. This former Navy Nuke knew that an upgrade was in order.The Goettl team arranged financing, at an excellent rate, in literally minutes via text messages and phone conversations. The Goettl teamwork was impressive because it was collaborative and factual. Then they offered us five options and discussed each cost, ratings, and warranty. We went with Number 4. Goettl arranged for next-day installation.As it happened on Wednesday, we received a text from Goettl on Thursday, June 23, saying that the installation team would be arriving around 1:30. The team and I hope I get the names right, Robert, Marcus, and Manny, got straight to work. Six hours later, we had an epic new system with matching parts.In celebration, we went out to Mr. Crabby's for another terrific meal. When we left, the downstairs was 76 degrees, and the upstairs was 82. When we returned in two hours, all rooms in the house were at 73°F. Kudos to Goettl and the entire team! Highly recommended. Being a college professor and former US Navy nuclear reactor operator, facts matter. Goettl's commercials suggest that they are very tech-savvy. The company's founder, the dad, was technically and ethically impressive. His traits and standards have been passed down and enhanced. They indeed do things the right way, not the easy way.The entire was not perfect. The text messages indicated the arrival time was just enough time for my wife or me to jet home and greet them. A little lead time could be helpful, but timing jobs of this nature to the hour or minutes is nearly impossible if you are doing things correctly. So my score is 99.9% out of 100.
Melissa NezamzadehMelissa Nezamzadeh
16:37 05 Sep 23
We had some AC issues on a hot summer evening and called Goettl who came out right away despite being just after hours. Chris Rios was our technician, and he was thorough in explaining the situation, walking us through our options, and listening to our needs. He was professional throughout the entire process and managed expectations and timing so we knew what to expect. This is now our go to service provider given the experience we had with Chris. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a trustworthy group.
Kristy LynchKristy Lynch
12:18 30 Aug 23
Jared was very professional and thorough. He was also able to arrive earlier than scheduled which worked out very well. He provided several options to fix the issue with the HVAC unit along with prices for repairs. He also came with gifts, a flashlight and a stuffed toy Sadie dog. A pleasant surprise! Still going over prices and will decide what to do soon since my AC could fail any day.
Molly King-GonzalesMolly King-Gonzales
16:16 09 Aug 23
Goettl was quick to respond and follow up in the appointment process. The person booking the appointment was helpful and informative. Our technician, Brent Sloan, was prompt, courteous, skilled, and knowledgeable. He worked quickly, efficiently, carefully, and left it very clean. I am so very grateful the problem was solved so quickly a reasonable price.Thank you Brent!I have already recommended this company to my neighbors.
Adam RamonAdam Ramon
01:18 29 Jul 23
Joshua was extremely knowledgeable, polite & friendly he knew his stuff for sure! He was able to get our home cool in no time, also this company was the ONLY company with availability, I called yesterday and arrived today. I would highly recommend this company!!! Five Stars ⭐️
Sue ChoeSue Choe
16:08 15 Jul 23
We were looking for someone to fix our AC desperately and we are so glad we found them to replace our AC unit for us. Gustavo was very professional and explained everything in layman’s terms and answered every question I had without losing patience. They were able to come in the day after they gave us an invoice and got the AC running on the same day. They went out of their way to organize the cords and clean the work area much cleaner than it was and when we had some concerns few days after, Ramiro came by as soon as he was available and resolved the matter. There was never a moment where it felt like I was bothering them with any questions I might have. I would definitely recommend them for any AC problems!