• Air Conditioning Tune-Up

    Goettl was one of the original American cooling system pioneers, helping inspire the industry as we know it today. Our core belief in doing things the right way, not the easy way inspired us then — and lives on more than 80 years later. Today, we’re continuing the Goettl tradition of superior heating and cooling installation, repair, and preventive services your family can rely on.

We do more than a basic air conditioning tune-up. When one of our Goettl air-conditioning experts maintains your air conditioner, your system will be rejuvenated!

Our professional technicians carry out a Six-Step Precision Process to ensure your air conditioner performs at peak efficiency all year long. Our goal is to prevent problems before they happen by doing a full system analysis that helps identify issues before they become serious problems. You can have a peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning unit will be put to the test. Among other safety and service checks, our rigorous inspection process includes the following:

Also be sure to check out our membership program, Sadie’s Guard Dog Protection Plan. When you are a member of our club, you no longer need to worry about maintaining your air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems. We make sure your home is protected year-round.

The plan includes annual preventive maintenance visits for your air conditioner, heater and plumbing systems. Join today!