Goettl ProTech Boot Camp 

Embark on a rewarding journey with the Goettl ProTech Boot Camp!

Welcome to Goettl ProTech Boot Camp, where we pave the way for your entry into the dynamic world of HVAC and plumbing. In this paid, 8-week training program, tailored for individuals with little or no experience in the trades, you have the opportunity to embark on a rewarding career journey.

Our comprehensive training takes place at Goettl’s state-of-the-art training facility in Las Vegas, offering a blend of classroom lectures, hands-on labs, and invaluable field experience with seasoned professionals. 

At Goettl, we provide growth opportunities and a clear career path that matches your aspirations and personal goals. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, join us at Goettl Academy!

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Your future in HVAC and Plumbing starts here. 

Key Highlights

  • Goettl is looking for HVAC Apprentices and Plumbing Apprentices for the ProTech Boot Camp.
  • Only 16 candidates will be chosen for this exclusive program. 
  • No experience is preferred—this is your entry into the world of HVAC and Plumbing.

How to Apply 

  • Submit Your Resume: Start by submitting an updated resume. 
  • Interview: Selected applicants will undergo a 10-minute Zoom or in-person interview with our recruiting team. 
  • Assessment: Take the online Bennett Mechanical test and Wonderlic profile to showcase your potential. 

Open House

  • Those selected based on the interview and assessment criteria will be invited to the Open House event at our Vegas location!
  • Meet the team, understand the program, and envision your future with Goettl.

What to Expect at the Open House

  • A brief presentation from the Goettl Academy team, setting the expectations and career potential. 
  • Insights into the program and training details by a member of the academy. 
  • Managers discussing the diverse career options in HVAC, Plumbing Service, and Installation. 
  • Hands-on lab experience to showcase your skills and potential. 

Recruitment Process 

  • Interviews will be conducted by our dedicated managers and associates. 
  • Candidates will participate in group interviews to observe collaboration and communication skills. 
  • A scoring rubric will be used for quick assessment, ensuring a fair and efficient selection process. 
  • If selected, classes will commence approximately 3 weeks after the Open House.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Goettl ProTech Boot Camp is a paid, 8-week training program meant for anyone who has never worked in the trades and would like to pursue a career in either plumbing or heating and air conditioning. Whether you aspire to enter the plumbing or heating and air conditioning field, this program is your gateway to a fulfilling career. 

No, the training is a dynamic mix of classroom lectures, hands-on training labs, and in-field experience with seasoned professionals. Join us at our Las Vegas location for an immersive learning experience. 

Absolutely! Selected candidates will receive $17.00 per hour during the training phase. Upon successful completion, you’ll be offered full-time employment with an increased hourly rate of $19.00. 

No experience is necessary! We prefer candidates without experience to mold them into professionals without the need to break any bad habits. This program is tailored to train and educate you for a successful career. 

We will be accepting 16 people into the program from all applicants. This ensures a personalized and focused learning environment. 

Classes run Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, providing you with comprehensive training to kickstart your career. 

  1. Apply Online: Begin your journey by submitting an online application. 
  1. Initial Interview: Selected candidates will undergo an initial interview. 
  1. Mechanical Testing: Showcase your skills through mechanical testing and active participation. 
  1. Open House: Candidates who have been selected through the interview and assessment process will be invited to an Open House to learn more about the program. 
  1. Acceptance Notification: Following the Open House, all candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the program. 
  1. Classes Begin: Approximately 3 weeks after the Open House, classes will commence.