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Why Is There Water Around My AC Unit?

thermostat-risingWe live in an area where the heat of summer is incredibly intense. Sure, we don’t deal with extremely humid and swampy conditions, but even a nice dry heat can prove unbearable once the temperature hits a certain point. That is exactly why you need to know for certain that your air conditioning system is going to function precisely as it should.

That is also why it is so vital that you contact a member of our team to schedule any necessary air conditioning repair services at the very first sign of trouble. Any inconsistency with the way your air conditioner in Tucson, AZ works is cause for concern. For example, what you do if you noticed that there is water surrounding your indoor air conditioning unit?

Does My Air Conditioner Use Water?

No, no it does not. If you were to see water surrounding a water heater, boiler, or even a swamp cooler, it wouldn’t be totally out of left field. After all, all of these systems actively use water in their operations. However, a central air conditioner does not use water. It is not connected to a water supply line, or a water tank. So how the heck is it leaking water?

The Answer: It’s Not

Okay, there may be water surrounding your indoor AC unit, and that water may be leaking out of the system itself. That doesn’t exactly mean that you have a “water leak” in the way that you may be thinking of, though. No, it’s not your imagination, but the source of the pooling water is not as straightforward as a leaking supply line.

  • Condensate. Frequently, the water that is “leaking” out of an air conditioning system is actually the water that is removed from the air in the house during the cooling process. As heat is removed, water condenses. This condensation collects on the evaporator coil, before dripping into the condensate drain pan. If the pan is corroded or misaligned, or if the condensate drain line should back up due to clogs such as algae growth, the pan can overflow and leak water around the unit.
  • Ice Melt. A leaking condensate array is typically not that big of a deal. If the water that you see surrounding your air conditioner is the result of ice melt, though, you could have a serious issue on your hands. Very dirty filters or blower fan problems could lead to the icing of the evaporator coil. So too could refrigerant leaks, though. If you ever see ice in your air handler, on your refrigerant lines themselves, or in your condenser unit, then you need to contact us right away. Filters can simply be changed, but leaking refrigerant is a serious issue that could lead to costly problems.

Our summer season is not easy on our air conditioning systems. It is too intense and sticks around too long for you to take any chances with its operation. At the first sign of trouble with your AC, including water leaks, give us a call.


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