Why Is My Home Heating Unevenly?

Granted, our winter season in this part of the country is not at all comparable to that in, say, Vermont or Minnesota. However, we still need to be able to heat our homes successfully, as there is plenty of chilly weather to be had. In order to heat our homes successfully, we must be able to heat them evenly. If there are cold spots throughout your home, you are simply not going to be able to live in the true comfort that we believe you deserve. If your heating system in Phoenix, AZ should fail to heat your home evenly and effectively, contact a member of our staff today. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning will get to the bottom of the problem and do whatever it takes to resolve it entirely.

Subpar Insulation

During the summer, as you run your AC, you count on your insulation to prevent heat from muscling its way into your home. During the winter, though, it is still hard at work, ensuring that your heat doesn’t transfer outdoors. If you don’t have enough insulation in your home, though, and in all of the right places, then you may not be able to heat your home evenly. Heat will find its way out of your home, and your system is going to have to work harder to even out temps therein.

Damaged Ductwork

If you use a furnace or a heat pump in order to distribute heated air throughout your home, then damaged ductwork could well account for the problem of uneven heating therein. Heated air may leak out of your ductwork into parts of the home where it isn’t really needed. Once it has, your heater is again going to struggle to make up the difference in those areas affected. The result is very likely to be uneven temperatures in different parts of the house.

Heater Problems

Of course, if you’re having trouble heating your home effectively, then the problem could be with your home heating system itself. You may have a damaged fan, for instance, which is struggling to force air throughout your home effectively. Whatever the issue may be, our technicians can resolve it completely.