Why Does My AC Blow Warm Air?

question-markThere are certain points in life when taking a big gamble can pay off in huge dividends. For those of us living here in Arizona, though, gambling with our air conditioning systems is just taking things too far. It is much too hot for too much of the year around here to take any chances with the condition or overall operational quality of your air conditioning system. Any irregularities with its performance should raise a red flag.

Aside from a complete system breakdown, an air conditioner that blows warm air from its vents is probably the most alarming situation that a homeowner could encounter with his or her system. However, the problem may not be quite as serious as it seems. In fact, you may be able to resolve the issue yourself in mere moments. Just remember that it could be something serious, though. If you cannot find a simple solution to get your air conditioner in Tucson, AZ back on track promptly, then give our professional technicians a call.

Check Your Thermostat and Your Circuit Breaker

Are you surprised by the simplicity of the advice given above? Does it sound a bit obvious to you? Well, it may not be the most complex answer to your problem, but are you really looking for complexity? By simply adjusting your thermostat or resetting your circuit breaker, you could resolve this problem on your own in mere minutes!

If your thermostat is accidentally set to its “fan-only” mode, for instance, it will simply circulate unconditioned air throughout your home. That’s fine if you just want to keep some airflow going, but it is not going to bring down temperatures in your house, and that is a problem during the hottest days of the year. If you use a heat pump, it is even possible that you’ve accidentally switched it over to its heating mode.

In either case, you can fix the issue with a quick resetting of your thermostat. What about the circuit breaker, though? Did you know that your AC system has 2 units, the indoor and the outdoor, that operate (almost surely) on separate circuits? If the breaker for the outdoor unit’s circuit trips, then it will leave your indoor unit to act as a fan. Simply flipping a switch to get the outdoor unit back on will fix this problem.

More Serious Issues

Unfortunately, not all homeowners experiencing this system are going to find such quick fixes. It is possible that a refrigerant leak is causing your system to blow warm air, for instance, and that is something that only a trained professional can address. The refrigerant in your system plays a vital role in the cooling process, evaporating in the indoor coil and drawing heat out of the surrounding it. If the system is leaking, it is not going to effectively cool the air. Continuing to run it can result in very serious damages.

Even an issue like leaky ductwork could lead to warm air blowing from the vents in your home. If your air ducts are leaking, then they can pull unconditioned air into the system from spaces such as the attic or the space between your walls. You cannot seal your ductwork on your own, though. Professional duct sealing is the only fix for leaky ductwork.

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