What’s Included in a Heating Tune-Up Session

Maintenance on your heater is something to keep in mind during all seasons, even during a super-heated Southern Arizona summer. If more than a year has passed since you had your furnace or heat pump scheduled for an inspection and tune-up session, late spring and summer are good times to take care of this. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can warm up your home on the first cold day of the year with as few problems as possible.

A tune-up session for a heater covers many systems and components, and we’ll look at some of what you might expect when a maintenance technician comes to your house. Call Tucson’s trusted Green Valley, AZ heating repair and maintenance specialists at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to set up your maintenance session today.

What to expect during heating system maintenance

A tune-up for your heater will vary depending on what sort of system you have: furnace (gas or electric), heat pump, radiant floor heating, etc.

  • Thermostat checks and calibrations (all systems)
  • Airflow tests (forced-air systems)
  • Cleaning the burner (gas-powered furnaces)
  • Cleaning coils (heat pumps)
  • Cleaning other dirt- and dust-contaminated components (all systems)
  • Tightening electrical connections (all systems; gas-powered heaters have electrical connections as well)
  • Checking gas flow on main natural gas line (gas-powered heaters)
  • Checking for heat exchanger cracks (gas-powered furnaces)
  • Examining floorboards for pipe leaks (radiant heating systems)
  • Replacing the air filter (all forced-air systems)
  • Flushing the tank (radiant heating systems)
  • Inspecting indoor blower motors (forced-air systems)
  • Cleaning the condensate pan (heat pumps)
  • Checking the control panel (all systems)
  • Recharging any lost refrigerant (heat pumps)

How the session goes depends on whether the technician finds faults that he or she can fix on the spot, or else make recommendations for the repairs that will remedy the problem. When the technician has finished the inspection and tune-up, your system will receive a check to make sure that it uses energy efficiently and provides the right level of heating to keep you comfortable.

Make sure you follow advice from your technician regarding any repairs you may need. The technician will help you schedule these.

Heating maintenance is mandatory

Scheduling regular maintenance for your heating system isn’t something you can skip a few years at a time. For your heater to work its best, without draining power or causing safety hazards, it requires annual inspections and tune-ups.

Call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to sign up for our thorough HAVC maintenance program. Whenever you need heating repair, we’re ready with 24-hour emergency service.