Solve Your Uneven Heating Problem This Winter

While our summer weather is definitely more extreme than our relatively mild winter temperatures, the fact remains that you are going to need your heater to function effectively throughout the chilliest time of the year. You deserve better than uneven heating in Tucson, AZ. Whether your heater has always left cold spots throughout your home, or the problem is a new development, our heating technicians are the ones to call when you want the problem resolved entirely.

Is Your Heater too Small?

We hope not, because there is really no way to “repair” a heater that is too small. Why? Because the heater is probably working properly, and is just underpowered for heating your home. If your heater is too small for your living space, the only solution to the problem is really to replace it with a more appropriately sized heater. That is why hiring trained professionals to install your heater in the first place is so important. If your AC cools your home just fine, but your heater struggles to do so evenly, and undersized heating system is a real possibility.

Is Your Home Poorly Insulated?

Do you struggle with hot spots in the summer, and cold spots in the winter? Do these two issues persist in the same areas of your home? If so, it is likely that your insulation in that area of your home is subpar. That can allow for more heat transfer than you want. Heat will escape in excess during the winter season, and too much will come in during the summer. Beefing up your insulation in these areas, or replacing degraded insulation, can make a world of difference.

Is Your Ductwork in Bad Condition?

Forced air heating and cooling systems, like central ACs, furnaces, and heat pumps, all use air ducts in order to distributed conditioned air throughout the house. If the ductwork supplying any given area in your home is leaking, or if the system is just poorly designed, cold spots could well develop in the winter (along with hot spots in the summer). We’ll make sure that your ductwork is in great working condition.

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