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My Furnace Started Rattling: What Does That Mean?

If our furnaces could speak, we would have a much easier time knowing when to repair them and what sort of repairs to schedule. “Hey, psssst! My fan belt is cracked! Get it replaced.” “You, over here! Did you know my pilot light is failing because of low gas flow? Get somebody on that!” However, our furnaces can’t speak to us… at least not in words. They can, however, speak to us through noises. When you hear an unusual sound coming from your furnace’s cabinet or its ducts, it usually means it has a repair issue that needs attention. In this post, we’ll talk about one of the more common furnace warning noises: rattling.

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Possible reasons for the rattling

  • The simplest explanation for the noise is that it comes from loose bolts on the cabinet, probably on the access hatch. Perhaps the last time the access hatch was closed, the bolts were not screwed down tight enough. Use a wrench to secure the bolts and see if that stops the rattling sound.
  • The issue may be with the blower motor fan belt. This component undergoes a great deal of stress when the furnace operates, and should get replaced occasionally during regular maintenance. If the belt starts to fray or develops cracks, it can cause that rattling noise you are hearing. Repair technicians need to fix this immediately, because if the fan belt breaks or comes loose, it will start striking and clanging against other parts of the furnace and lead to extensive damage.
  • Loose motor parts are also a common culprit. Motors run the blower fans, and if they start to wear down or sustain damage from debris that gets inside the cabinet, dislodged parts will begin to rattle around. The motors will need replacement before they eventually burn out.

Do not try this at home!

It’s important for your safety, as well as the well-being of your furnace, that you leave any repairs that require opening your furnace’s cabinet to licensed professionals. This is especially true for natural gas-powered furnaces, which present the risk of exposure to toxic and combustible gas. Electric furnaces require caution as well because of the hazard of high-voltage shocks.

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