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Is It Time for Furnace Repairs?

When most people think of Arizona, they probably imagine a nice, dry heat. However, those of us that have lived here throughout the winter season know that this heat is not omnipresent. It can actually get quite chilly around here during the winter season, particularly at night. That is why it is so important that you have a great heating system installed in your home. The furnace is certainly among the most popular of all heating systems, and with good cause. Effective and reliable as furnaces may be, though, they are not 1o0% dependable. If you think that it may be time for furnace repairs in Tucson, AZ, be sure to schedule service with the skilled professionals here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

Is Your System Making Strange Sounds?

A common sign of furnace problems is the development of strange noises coming from the system during operation. Your furnace is not going to operate silently, mind you. However, it also shouldn’t be developing new, strange sounds, such as clanging, grinding, or other unfamiliar ones. If it has, it is likely that there is a problem of some sort resulting in the abnormality.

Does It Distribute Heat Unevenly?

Your furnace should be capable of heating your home in an even, effective manner. If it used to, but now leaves cold spots throughout your home, it is possible that you have damaged ductwork in your system. You may also have a furnace with a faulty fan. In either case, a skilled professional must evaluate and repair your system.

Is It Cycling On and Off too Frequently?

Should your furnace be cycling on and off too frequently, it will incur unnecessary wear and tear, which can lead to damages. If your system is not of the right size, it may have been short cycling all along. If this is a new development, though, you may have a problem with something like a malfunctioning thermostat. We can get to the root of the problem and resolve it entirely.

All our technicians are "Sadie Certified"

Applicants meet the family dog before being hired and pass the Sadie test. If Sadie doesn’t like an applicant, we bet you won’t be comfortable with them in your home. We want to make it for sure that we are putting the right person in your house.