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Is Aqua Chill Installation a Practical Cooling System for My Home?

When it comes to cooling down a house in Phoenix, there are two broad choices: the standard air conditioners that use refrigerant to remove heat from a home, or evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) that channel outside air across water to cool it down.

However, at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, we offer a third option: the Aqua Chill system. These alternatives for air conditioning have become popular for both commercial and residential use because they can achieve similar energy efficiency to evaporative coolers without their side effect of raising interior humidity or suffer a loss in efficiency because of high moisture in the outside air. Call us for more information about how Aqua Chill installation in Benson, AZ can benefit your home.

What does an Aqua Chill system actually do?

The operation of an Aqua Chill is actually remarkably simple. At the basic level, it is a standard air conditioning system that cycles refrigerant through indoor and outdoor coils. But the Aqua Chill uses water to pre-cool the outdoor refrigerant coils, which makes them more efficient and effective. For example, a conventional AC can meet the SEER standard of 82°F outdoor temperature—but that’s simply not enough for many Southern Arizona summer days, as anyone who has lived here during the hot months can attest. An air conditioner must work constantly for many hours to beat the heavy heat. But an Aqua Chill has an edge thanks to pre-cooling the coils, meeting outdoor temperatures of 95°F or higher.

Is an Aqua Chill a practical comfort solution for my home?

The Aqua Chill was specifically designed for locations with extremely high temperatures… such as Southern Arizona. Not only can these systems meet the higher heat levels, but according to studies they can cut cooling bills over a summer almost in half.

If you deal with heavy heat conditions on a regular basis, and you find that your standard air conditioner does not deal with it well enough (while still putting a large strain on your utility bills) then you should give serious consideration to Aqua Chill installation in Benson, AZ.

These systems do cost more to install than either evaporative coolers or conventional air conditioners, so make certain before you schedule the installation work that an Aqua Chill will do the job you need.

Talk to the cooling specialists at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today to find out the possibilities for an Aqua Chill in your home.

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