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Be Aware of Sewer Line Distress Signs

There are some components of your plumbing system that you’re obviously familiar with. Many of them you interact with multiple times a day. What kind of plumbing system components are we talking about here? Your toilet, your sink, your dishwasher, etc. What’s an example on the exact opposite end of this spectrum, then? A component that you never see, and certainly never directly interact with? Read the title of this post if you’re feeling stumped.

We’re talking about your sewer line. Your sewer line is buried on your property, connecting your plumbing’s drainage system to your septic tank or a municipal sewer line. There is no reason why you would ever need to interact with this pipe directly, and you definitely want to minimize the risk of exposure to its contents as much as possible. That’s why burying it makes sense. But that can also make it tough to spot problems with your sewer line in Tucson, AZ.

What Can Cause Trouble for My Sewer Line?

There are a lot of different issues that could develop with your sewer line. You may actually be contributing to sewer clogs without realizing it, for starters. Here’s one of the best tips that we, as professional plumbers, can give you. Never flush anything other than waste and toilet paper down your drain. Never. No, not even those “flushable” baby wipes. Anything other than waste and wastewater is going to clog up your sewer. It may not be immediate, but trust us. It will happen.

Then there are those situations that are entirely out of your control. These include matters like sewer connections that go bad over time. There is the possibility that shifting soil can damage your sewer line. You could even run into a situation where tree roots grow into the sewer line. All of these problems can lead to precisely the types of issues that will require professional sewer services.

What Kinds of Sewer Services Do We Offer?

Anything that your sewer line could need. We offer hydro-jetting, which will blast away sewer line clogs using water. We can replace or repair sewer lines as well. Got a new home in the works? We’ll install the entire plumbing system, sewer line included!

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway for the sake of completeness. You cannot expect a nonprofessional or amateur to service your sewer line. Attempting to excavate a sewer line to service it can lead to further damage very quickly if it’s not done by a qualified professional. So be sure to work with us if your toilet is backing up, your drains won’t drain, or you smell sewage in or around your property.  We’ll make sure that everything is handled properly. From diagnosing the problem to fixing or replacing your sewer line to reburying it when we’re done, you can count on a job completed the right way, every step of the way.

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