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Don’t just tune up your AC, get a Rejuuuvenation®!

We make six critical adjustments to your system—so you stay cool, use less energy, and help increase the life of your air conditioner.


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Don’t just get an ac tune-up, get an air conditioning Rejuuuvenation®! We’ll make six critical adjustments, so you’ll stay cool, use less energy, and help to increase the life of your system.

The Goettl Guarantee

We do things the right way, not the easy way.® 
Our Sadie Certified® technicians will restore your AC unit back to factory specifications so it runs better and lasts longer. More than that just a tune-up, a Rejuuuvenation® performs six critical steps to help identify any issues before they become serious problems. Among other safety and service checks, this thorough process includes:

Duct Connection Inspections

Electrical Connection Checks

Refrigerant Level Checks

Accurate Airflow Assurance

Exterior Condenser Coil Cleaning

Air Filtration Evaluations