How Faulty Burners Affect Your Furnace

Gas furnaces are the most popular type of heater founds in the United States. They have high levels of heating, cost less to run than electrical models, and hook up to the standard ducts most homes already have for air conditioning.

To have a gas furnace that provides you with that powerful level of heating and efficient use of energy—as well as to keep it running safely—you will occasionally need to schedule professional heating repair services. One furnace component that sometimes needs fixing is the burner. This is the unit where the mixture of air and fuel burns to create heat. If the burner develops faults, it will have a negative effect on the operation of your furnace and heating.

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Problems From a Faulty Burner

Burners can develop trouble for a couple of reasons: dirt, rust flakes, loss of connection to the gas line, valve problems. How much this affects your furnace will vary.

If the burners shut off entirely and do not release any natural gas for combustion, then you will not receive any heat from your furnace. This level of failure usually means a problem with gas flow to the burner, and you will need to have repairs done as soon as possible. (Shut off the gas to the furnace before making the call.)

Even if the heat from the furnace is only reduced, not stopped, you still may not receive any heat. The furnace fan distributes heated air only comes when a sensor detects that the temperature in the combustion chamber has reached a certain level. If the burners cannot produce enough heat to reach this target, the blower fan won’t come and you still won’t receive heat, although you will hear the burner activate.

Another effect of dirty burners is an increase in noise of operation. When the burner struggles to ignite, it will create a boom and rumbling noise. The moment you hear any sound like this, call for a heating technician to look into it.

For most repairs, the technician will need to remove the burner unit from place and carefully clean and/or adjust it. This is something that only a professional should handle; it’s dangerous to attempt fixes on a gas-powered system without proper training, especially on a component attached to the gas line.

To help avoid repair problems and a faulty, poorly performing furnace, sign up to a maintenance program. It only takes one visit a year from a professional technician to eliminate the majority of repair needs your heating system will need, and it increases efficiency, on average, by 20%. Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning for furnace repair or other heating system services in Sahuarita, AZ that will make sure you have the warmth you need.

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