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Cool Your Home More Efficiently with an AquaChill System

Summertime in Arizona has plenty of blistering heat to offer; will your air conditioning system be able to keep up with your cooling demands? An equally important question, of course, is this; will you be able to keep up with the costs of cooling your home effectively, even if your system is up to the challenge? Because our summers are so long and intense, many homeowners find themselves seeking out more efficient means by which to cool their homes. One great option to consider is the AquaChill system. At Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing our customers with energy efficient AC systems throughout Tucson, and we demand that the systems we recommend be not only incredibly efficient, but also incredibly reliable and effective. That is why we are happy to install and service AquaChill systems throughout the area.

It is not at all uncommon for temperatures around here to climb well above 100°F during the summer season. This means, of course, that your air conditioner will be in consistent, if not constant, use. By using a more energy efficient AC system, you can maintain comfortable temperatures in your home without draining your cooling budget. AquaChill systems share a number of characteristics in common with more traditional air conditioners. They use refrigerant, as well as a compressor, in order to facilitate the heat transfer process. However, AquaChill systems also utilize water in their operation. This is similar in a way to swamp coolers, but make no mistake – the AquaChill system is completely unique unto itself.

By using water spray to pre-cool the refrigerant coils outside, these systems can cool down a home quickly. This spraying down of the coils gives the AC a head start in cooling a home, meaning that it won’t have to run as long to maintain comfortable temperatures, nor will it risk bringing too much moisture into your home, as an evaporative cooler may. Water is used only on the outdoor coils, after all.

We live in a very consistently hot area, and traditional air conditioning systems may falter in their attempts to maintain comfortable temperatures because of our intensely hot summer weather. AquaChill systems, though, are designed for these very conditions specifically.

Give Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning a call today if you think that AquaChill sounds right for your home. We are happy to help you live comfortably with a new, more energy efficient AC system in Tuscon.

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