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AC FAQ: System Blowing Warm Air?

man-in-front-of-fanCertain areas of the country do not really require that homeowners use their air conditioning systems very frequently. Needless to say, Arizona is not one of those areas. The weather around here can be oppressively hot, and cooling one’s home effectively and efficiently can be a challenge. Leaving your air conditioning installation and routine maintenance to the professionals on our staff will help to ensure that you are able to cool your home successfully.

Of course, even the best air conditioner is going to stumble from time to time. When you notice that your air conditioner is not really living up to your performance expectations, contact us right away. There are many warning signs that something may be wrong with your air conditioner in Maricopa, AZ. One of the most alarming is an air conditioner that is blowing warm air. However, it may not always be as serious a problem as you’d think.

The Good News

Okay, in the middle of the summer an air conditioner blowing warm air is hard to associate with “good news.” That being said, there are definitely some best case scenarios that can make resolving the problem with your air conditioner a very simple affair. In fact, it may even be as simple as pressing a button.

This is going to sound very, very obvious, but keep in mind the fact that discovering a malfunctioning air conditioner in the middle of the summer season can be quite stressful. With that in mind, we want to remind you to check your thermostat if you feel warm air blowing from your vents. It is possible that the system has been accidentally set to a “fan only” mode, or even that your heat pump has been switched over to its heating mode.

If everything seems right at the thermostat, you should pop out to see if your outdoor unit is actually up and running. If not, it is possible that the circuit it runs on is broken. Check your circuit breaker, and simply reset any breakers that have tripped. That should get the outdoor unit back up and running, so that your AC is back to running properly, rather than acting as a big fan.

More Serious Problems

We like to start off with some good news and words of reassurance, but the fact is that an air conditioner blowing warm air could be the result of a much more serious problem than the ones discussed above. For instance, you could have a refrigerant leak in your system. This is likely the case if you’ve seen your coil icing over, as well.

Refrigerant is evaporated in the evaporator coil, and it is this process that really allows for the cooling of the air to begin with. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, then it will struggle to remove a sufficient amount of heat from the air, resulting in warm air blowing from your vents. You may also have damaged air ducts that are pulling warm air from unconditioned spaces into the system.

Whatever the issue, Goettl Air Conditioning is the company to trust.

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