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Water Heating in Phoenix, AZ

All of the appliances in your home play important roles to ensure that you are able to live in the comfort and convenience that you deserve. However, few can claim to work as hard as your water heater does. It goes without saying that you need your water heater to function properly at all times.

We’ll see to it that this is the case. When you work with the professional plumbers on our team, you get family-friendly service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you’re looking for the brightest choice in plumbing services, look no further than Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing.


Tank Water Heaters

When you invest in a new tank water heater, you need to know that your storage tank is the right size for your needs and that the water heater can handle your demand. If your tank water heater is oversized, you’ll waste energy on hot water that you don’t need. We’ll ensure that yours is appropriate for your hot water demand, and that your tank water heater installation is flawlessly completed.

No tank water heater will last forever. Most will last between 10–15 years. If and when the time comes for you to schedule a tank water heater replacement, be sure to call a member of our team. We’ll make sure that your hot water tank is full of warm water for you to clean and bathe with. If your tank water heater is failing, your hot water tank is corroded, or other issues develop, we’re always here to help.


Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater will be able to provide you with plenty of hot water nearly instantaneously, but only when set up correctly. These systems don’t keep hot water on–hand in a tank. They heat water as you call for it, on–demand.

If your tankless water heater cannot keep up with your gallon per minute needs, you won’t get the great performance that you deserve. Our plumbers will assess your home’s needs and suggest the right tankless system for you. If you are ready for an installation, or if the time has come at last for a tankless water heater replacement, be sure to schedule service with our plumbers.

Gas and Electric

Both gas and electric water heaters have their pros and cons. Natural gas is the preferred fuel of many, but electricity may be the only option for homeowners without access to natural gas. Whichever type of water heater you may choose, you need it to be professionally installed. We excel in both gas and electric water heater installations.

Repair and Maintenance

Modern water heaters are more reliable than ever before. No appliance is truly 100% reliable, though, and you’ll need water heater repairs in Las Vegas, NV eventually. Signs of corrosion, rising operating costs, strange noises, and other irregularities may all suggest the need for water heater repairs. The sooner that your electric or gas water heater is repaired, the better off it is likely to be.

Not only can we repair your water heater, but we also offer clients the Sadie Guard Dog Protection Plan that helps to keep their systems in great working condition. Give us a call to learn more about what enrollment in the program gets you. When we handle your water heater services, maintenance included, you’ll get the best that your system has to offer.

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