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Your Heater Might Give You A Cold…

“Beat the heater sickness…”

It’s officially fall in the southwest.

Temperatures are falling.

Noses are running.

Heaters are blasting.

Blasting hot piles of dander, dust and dirt.

See, junk piles up on your heater coils all year long.

Then incubated germs ride the heat wave through your vents…

The best ways to beat the heater sickness…
  1. Retire the germs before you fire your heater – clean your coils!
  2. Require Electronic Air Filters. Pathogens and microorganisms are dancing right through those old paper filters.
  3. When you first turn on the heat, crack all your windows for an hour or so.


Call Goettl. Your heater won’t give you a cold this winter. Guaranteed.

We’ll bring a Goettl Flashlight for you when we come to your home.