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I was a 10-year-old boy holding the flashlight for my dad as he worked on an
air conditioner for a customer.

His name was Duncan Goodrich. He didn’t talk much, but a certain kind of
magic happens when a son holds a flashlight for his father.

I held it steady and quiet, and dad talked to me while he worked.

He said “When a person needs help, you respond right away, not when it’s
convenient for you.”

He said “Always do the right thing, always do what’s right.”

My arm was getting tired when the flashlight beam splashed across the red
and blue logo.

He said “The Goettl Iron Horse is a magnificent machine, nothing else even
comes close. If you buy an air conditioner, always get Goettl.”

At dad’s funeral, I realized that every time he handed me that flashlight he
was passing the torch. And my dad believed in Goettl air conditioners…

So I bought the company.

Now everyone who works at Goettl has a Goettl Flashlight.

Goettl Flashlights are made from metal. Old school. No plastic for us!

Old school means character. And integrity.

But Goettl is also HIGH TECH.

That’s why Goettl flashlights have LED bulbs that shine three-and-a-half
times brighter
than any other. And they’re more energy efficient, too!

We believe everyone needs a flashlight they can hold for their friend when
they’re working at night.

So when you see one of our Goettl guys at a gas station or a restaurant or a
ball game, say, “Hey! Where’s my Goettl flashlight?”

We always make sure your free Goettl flashlight has fresh batteries in it when
we give you one. We don’t do anything half-way.

I’m Ken Goodrich. And I’ve got a free Goettl flashlight for you.

P.S. The other day, someone asked me about the boy on our logo, holding a
Goettl Flashlight.

That’s my son when he was 10 years old. His name is Duncan.

Love you, son.

Meet Duncan Goodrich, the 3rd generation of the Goodrich family working in Air Conditioning AND the face of the boy in the logo!!