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“Treat people the way you want to be treated…”

TLDR: read the red…

How did you come to work for Goettl?

I was referred by somebody that was already working here and I had the opportunity to come interview. I fell in love with the whole concept, what the environment is here and how they do business. So I was lucky enough to be brought on the team and…the rest is history.

What are your hobbies?

I have a 15 year old daughter, she plays volleyball and then my son plays baseball. A lot of my free time is running back and forth between sporting events. But on our downtime we like to go camping, we just bought a new boat. We love to be outdoors. I’m from Alaska so anything that gets me outside, that’s where I’m in my happy place.

Do you get to give away Goettl Flashlights?

Yes! My son play baseball. He’s been in baseball since he was four, now he is 10. Goettl actually sponsored his team last year. I got to hand out flashlights and sunglasses at every game. They gave me boxes of them. All of the kids on his team wear their the sunglasses while they are playing. We did get in a little bit of trouble because the kids were shining the flashlights onto the field.
Also, many of our camping trips have used flashlights supplied by Goettl Air Conditioning, that’s for sure.

What music do you like?

I love every type of music. We recently went to Godsmack and Shinedown. We’re going to see Brett Young soon. I like everything. Being in Las Vegas that is one of the perks. I never was able to do that in the states that I’ve lived in before so that is definitely a plus.

What’s the best part about working for Goettl?

It’s just a very family oriented place. One of the philosophies here is when we take good care of our employees, our employees will take good care of our customers. I feel like that’s a really strong thing to stand by, when your employees are happy and they’re proud of where they work they’re gonna do their best to shine through within the work that they’re doing on a daily basis. I’m excited to be able to be a part of that.

Can you describe your dream vacation?

I’d go to the Caribbean on a cruise. Me and my family. We took a short cruise for my husband’s fortieth birthday, out of southern CA. So our next trip is going to be the Caribbean.

Are you a sports fan?

I was born in Seattle so I was super into watching football when they were winning. My husband calls me a fair weather fan. He is a Cowboys fan. It’s been really fun having the Golden Knights here because we grew up around hockey. Other than that I’m just my son’s biggest fan.

Who has been a role model for you?

My grandfather, Bob Anderson, was a huge role model in my life. He was a very strong member of the community where I grew up in Alaska. Everybody knew him, everybody respected him and my uncle Ron. They worked very close together. They were both fishermen. They were board leaders on the native committee. They were very strong and I’ve always tried to kind of follow in their footsteps. Leading but leading with grace instead of micromanaging. I like to consider myself more of a leader, just like they were.

What makes Goettl different?

I’ve never been so excited to come to work. It really is the culture and the environment. Other jobs that I thought were going to be a career in my past just didn’t keep me engaged. Here I always feel engaged. I always feel like I’m making a difference. Essentially people feel like you’re saving their lives when they’re in the heat and they don’t have air conditioning. To be able to reach out to those people and help them do it affordably and do it with a smile on your face, that just makes a huge difference to me. So I feel like it’s more purposeful than a lot of jobs that I’ve had in the past.
They do a really amazing job of continuing the education within the company. We have training classes where we’re constantly learning. You never feel stagnant. You get to learn. They provide career mapping if you want to go further with the company. The leaders will sit down with you and let you tell them what your vision is, where you want to go and help you get there so you don’t feel like you’re just stuck doing the same thing. You can you know really branch out and blossom with the company.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

The one that I always try to live by is treat people the way that you want to be treated. I think that that’s one of the simplest ones but it really relates to every aspect of life. If you go through life trying to respect others the way that you would want them to respect you, I think that at the end of the day we will all be treating each other a little bit better.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career change?

If you have integrity and you have a drive to succeed in life, professionally, emotionally, financially, Goettl provides an amazing opportunity for that. Both for now and for the future. You spend more time at work than you do with your own family. So if you’re looking for people that you would enjoy being around just as much as you enjoy being around your own family and you’re looking for that type of culture and environment – this is the place to work. We are always open each other we’re always growing with each other.
Reach out and we will talk to you and we will give you that opportunity to be a part of something great.

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