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Hear it from a Goettl Tech… Angel Carrillo

“Always follow your dreams…”

TLDR: read the red…

What is your job at Goettl?

I am an Installer.  When it’s time for replacement, I come to your home with a brand new Goettl unit.

How did you come to work for Goettl?

I was actually born in Mexico, I came here when I was 9 years old.  I went to school here and after high school I didn’t know what to do.  I was lost. I went ATI looking for a good trade and decided to become an HVAC Technician.  After I graduated from ATI, I started applying in different places.

Goettl was one of the first ones who called me back.  
I had no experience but they called me.  They give me an opportunity.

What was is like starting your Technician Career with Goettl?

What I learned school is good but I learned a lot more in the field.  I started as a helper, I would go with a crew and help them out on their installs.
They took the time to actually teach me things.
Now I have my own Goettl Truck!

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

My favorite thing to do is playing soccer.  That’s my way to forget stress and everything. I like soccer.

What’s your favorite Flashlight Giveaway story?

One time I was driving on the street and we stopped at a red light.  These guys were waving at us and said “Do you have flashlights?” I said “Yeah!”  They got out of their car at the red light and came over to get the flashlights.  Then other people started getting out and coming over getting flashlights.  It was cool.

What’s your favorite food in the world?

Tacos.  My favorite place is Tacos El Gordo in Las Vegas.

What is something unique about a new Goettl installation?

One thing that we do different is our Goettl Drain Pan. The drain pan is like the support for the unit.  It’s a part that you’ll probably never see. Other guys just put in whatever is cheapest.  The Goettl Drain Pan is the biggest and strongest.

What does your dream vacation look like?

I would love to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been to but that would be my dream vacation.  I would take my family, my parents and my brother.

When you came to work for Goettl did you meet Sadie?

I went through the interview and then met her in the office.  I didn’t know about being Sadie-Certified, but she was cool and she liked me.

Who has been a role model for you?

My parents have always been my role models. They are the ones who taught me everything that I know. They taught me to never give up and to always work hard.

What’s your favorite part about working for Goettl?

Everyone here is friendly, everyone takes care of each other.  We look at each other like family.  And we are.  Like if I never need help installing a unit, it’s not like “You’re on your own.”  I call in and they send someone right away to help me out.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To always follow my dreams.  To always think for myself.

That is from my dad.


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