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“Yoga, meditation and all that jazz…”

TLDR: read the red…

How did you come to work for Goettl?

A good friend mentioned they were hiring.

I just kinda shrugged it off like “OK that’s cool”, but when I got to know the company, I knew I had to come in for an interview. It’s an amazing company.

I got an interview with Tim and Stan and we sat for a good hour and they said “We love your enthusiasm and your bubbliness.”

They were really pleased, they practically asked me to start right then.

Do you have a favorite food?

Pasta. Everyone knows that the best meal is Fettuccini Alfredo with shrimp.

That is what I like to bring to our potlucks or some kind of dessert.
If not pasta… then Hawaiian food.

What does your work look like at Goettl?

Booking appointments, taking care of new applicants, honestly it ranges from day to day. You get to wear many different hats here. Our team is very collective, everyone helps each other. You’re never stuck with just one job. It’s a lot of fun, it keeps things interesting.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a weekend?

I love to go to coffee shops. I like hiking. I love to be in the downtown area.
I also like yoga and meditation and all that jazz.

What makes Goettl different than other companies?

Making the customers feel like they’re actually a part of the family.
Also our attention to detail stands out.

I’ve worked a lot in retail, and in the end most of them were just like “thank you for coming in” and they didn’t care about the customers only the sales.

When I was looking into the company I saw they were mainly focused on making customers feel like family. So whenever a problem arises customers know that we have their back.

That is different from any place that I worked before.

Everyone within the company is treated like family.
The culture here is so diverse and very welcoming.

The way the website is actually the way the company is. That is just incredible.
That’s the one thing that really stood out to me.

This really is an amazing company.

What music do you like?

When it comes to music I have no limitations. I just love every song.
Currently EDC is my jam, it just gets me so pumped up. I listen to it before I come into work.

What’s the best part about working for Goettl?

I really appreciate the people that work here. It’s not divided, everyone is very open and ready to help you find a solution, should any problem arise, they’re all there to help you tackle it as a team.

That is one thing that I really like about working here – everyone wants to help you succeed.

Have you ever given away a Goettl Flashlight?

Absolutely. I actually helped out with Career Day at an elementary school, and we were just out there just talking to the kids and giving away flashlights.

At the office, we have a “bring your kids to work day” and I get to hand out flashlights and sunglasses.

Who has been a role model for you?

Everyone here at Goettl has something that stands out.

Everyone I’ve encountered here always has something that sets them apart from the next person.

I’m actually inspired and motivated by every person that I encounter.

When you came to work for Goettl did you meet Sadie?

Absolutely. Everyone loves Sadie here.

Are you a dog person?

Oh absolutely. I am definitely a dog person more than a cat person.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice that I’ve been given… That’s a loaded question.

Can I phone a friend? Just kidding!

That’s my problem. I can’t pick just one thing!

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