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Do I Have a Bad AC Capacitor?

It’s important that your air conditioning system operate effectively, reliably, and efficiently so it’s ready when you need it. But even the best air conditioner will encounter operational problems at some point during its life cycle. There are a lot of different components that must operate in perfect harmony in order for your ac system to function properly. Your capacitors, for instance, play an important role in keeping everything operational. If you run into trouble with your capacitor, make sure to call a qualified expert so you know your air conditioning repairs and your home are in good hands. How will you know if your AC capacitor has gone bad? Here are some tips to help you spot the signs of a failing capacitor.

How to know if your AC unit’s capacitor needs to be repaired or replaced

Does your AC struggle to start up?

Does it sound as though your air conditioner is trying to start up, but simply cannot get up and running? Do you hear the system humming but not starting fully? This could be due to a faulty start capacitor. A capacitor is a device that stores an electric charge and supplies it when necessary. Your air conditioner requires more power when starting up than it does when running normally, so the start capacitor is used to give it the extra torque that it needs to start the cooling cycle. If you have a faulty start capacitor in your system, the air conditioner is not going to start as it normally should.

Does your air conditioner start up, only to shut back down quickly?

When an AC unit starts up but then quickly shuts down again, it is referred to as short cycling. If this occurs, it may indicate that you have a problem with your run capacitor. Just as a start capacitor helps your AC to start, the run capacitor helps it to run dependably by regulating power to the motor. The run capacitor on the compressor motor is the most likely to fail. Other less likely issues may occur with the blower motor run capacitor in your home’s AC unit or the fan motor run capacitor which is housed outdoors.

Does your AC no longer produce cool air?

If your air conditioner unit is blowing warm air into your home, it may be that the capacitor for your compressor has stopped working. This would cause your system to no longer have the correct refrigerant pressurization, which would allow it to absorb heat out of your home’s air.

Further, if you aren’t getting any airflow out of the air registers in your floor or ceiling, it may be that the capacitor for your indoor fan is no longer working. If this is the case, you the outdoor unit will likely turn on while the indoor AC unit will remain quiet. The indoor unit may also make a buzzing noise which is often the sound of the motor trying to operate on its own.

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