Yes, You Need a Heating Tune-Up Every Year

chilly-manOur neighbors to the north are bracing themselves for another cold winter season, but residents here in Las Vegas know that things are not going to get too cold, even during our colder season. Just because we are not going to wake up to a few feet of snow in our driveways, though, does not mean that we can afford to underestimate the need for a great heating system in our homes. Temperatures at night are already getting chilly, so you better go ahead and schedule heating maintenance in Las Vegas, NV if you have not done so already.

The benefits of routine maintenance, as we will discuss below, really cannot be overstated. Just remember that you won’t enjoy the full extent of those benefits if you fail to schedule your heating maintenance with trained, experienced professionals. Of course, you won’t have to worry about that when you work with the pros on our team. When it comes to getting your heater in fighting condition for the colder weather to come, you can count on us to do the job right. 

It Will Keep Your Heater Efficient

When you purchase your heater, it is going to have an efficiency rating. This rating denotes the efficiency with which your heater will convert its energy source to heat. While routine heating maintenance is not going to somehow boost this overall efficiency capacity, it will help your system to continue working at its specific efficiency level.

Over time, the wear and tear on your heater will try to chip away at its energy efficiency. Left unchecked, it will succeed in doing so. By having a professional assess and tune up your system on an annual basis, though, you can prevent the efficiency level from slipping. That helps you to keep more money in the bank without sacrificing your comfort.

It Keeps Your Heater Working Safely

It doesn’t matter if you use an all-electric heat pump or a gas furnace to heat your home. If your system is not functioning properly, then it is not functioning safely. Routine heating maintenance is a great opportunity for professional HVAC technicians to evaluate your system and to discover any burgeoning problems that could put your safety at risk.

From electrical problems to gas leaks, heaters can create unsafe conditions in your home. When discovered early on through maintenance, these problems can be resolved before they do serious damage or bodily harm. Don’t let lapses in maintenance render your heater unsafe for operation.

It Keeps Your Heater Running!

No heater is worth much of anything if it’s not running, is it? When you skip maintenance sessions — yes, even a single one — you run the risk of increased repair needs. Don’t ignore maintenance services, only to find yourself scheudling repairs instead. Count on our technicians here at Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas to keep your home heating system up and running reliably. We won’t let the chill of winter creep into your bedroom at night. 

G-O-E-T-T-L it’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.