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Why Tuning Up Your Scottsdale Air Conditioner is Important

In Scottsdale, air conditioning is king. You need to make sure that yours is optimized at all times. But this can be difficult considering the amount of wear and tear that your system endures on a daily basis during the long Arizona cooling season. Most homeowners know how vital the air filter is to the effectiveness and efficiency of their cooling systems, and this should be changed regularly–about once per month during the summer. But the majority of air conditioning maintenance duties must be carried out by a professional technician. There’s simply no substitute for the technical expertise, experience, and knowledge of our technicians.

Call Goettl Good Guys for all of your professional Scottsdale air conditioner tune-up needs.

There are numerous reasons why an AC tune-up might be beneficial to you.

  • Cleaning. To put it simply, you need to make sure that your air conditioner stays clean at all times. The air filter is critical in this regard, but it cannot eliminate the threat that dust, grime, pollen, dander, and other debris pose to the operation of your system. When such substances infiltrate the interior of your AC, they can reduce efficiency, inhibit performance, and even cause system damage over time.
  • Refrigerant charge. Another important benefit that an air conditioning tune-up gives you is the correct amount of refrigerant. With professional installation, your AC should have the right amount of refrigerant from the get-go, but over time, it may have developed punctures or corrosion that allows refrigerant to leak out of the system, often in very small increments. Low refrigerant can lead to inefficient inadequate cooling in addition to the damage caused by overheating.
  • Electrical voltage. Another aspect of the air conditioning tune-up that allows you to get a step ahead of your cooling system is the voltage check. As you well know, your AC consumes a substantial amount of electricity during its operation. But this electrical supply needs to be consistent and plentiful if you want your AC to be reliable. Frequently tripped circuit breakers and intermittent failures at start-up are all signs that something needs adjustment with the electrical system of your AC.

Make sure you your Scottsdale air conditioner has everything it needs to combat the heat this summer. Call Goettl Good Guys for an AC tune-up.

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