Why Is Water Leaking from My AC?

AC-techniciansThere are a lot of problems that may develop with an air conditioning system, especially when the system is run as hard as ours are in this part of the country. If you hear a strange noise coming from your AC, or you feel warm air coming from a vent, you probably wouldn’t be confused. Concerned, yes, and hopefully scheduling prompt air conditioning repairs, but these particular problems are not exactly unusual. What if you saw water coming from your air conditioning system, though?

If you see water coming from your air conditioning system, then you may indeed need AC repairs in Corona, CA. However, this is not necessarily the case. Read on to learn more about why your AC may be leaking water. If you notice the problem in your home, we’ve got a tip about what to look for in the event of an easy fix. We’ve also got some insight into why, that easy fix aside, you may need the help of a professional.

It May Not Really Be a “Leak”

Then what is it? Well, there are events in which it may be a traditional leak. If you use an evaporative cooler, for instance, water is used in the cooling process. Water surrounding an evaporative cooler could be the result of a true leak.

Unlike evaporative coolers, however, central air conditioners don’t actually use water in the cooling of your home. So where is it coming from? Well, it could actually be something as simple as a backed up condensate drain or a damaged drain line.

You see, as your air conditioner cools the air in your home, it also draws some moisture out of the air. The fact that we don’t have very high humidity levels in this area does not mean that there isn’t a substantial amount of humidity in your home. In fact, many homeowners use humidifiers to add humidity to the air.

The moisture drawn out of the air has to go somewhere, right? Well, that’s what the condensate drain and drain line are for. When the system removes humidity from the air in your home, it drains it out of the house via this assembly. If it is backed up or the drain pan is corroded, it can result in a puddle around the unit.

You may also just have a very dirty air filter. That’s right — a dirty air filter could lead to this problem. How? Because a dirty filter can restrict airflow through the system, which can cause the evaporator coil to get too cold. When it does, the condensation on that coil can freeze up. Once it melts off, it can pool around the unit.

But It Could Be a Refrigerant Leak!

If you have a refrigerant leak in your system, then you could run into the same issue of condensation freezing on the coil. Unlike a simple air filter replacement, though, this is not something that you can handle on your own. Your system is designed to work with a specific amount of refrigerant. If your levels are low, then your system is at risk of serious damage. Let us inspect the system and fix any leak that we find.

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