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Why Is My AC Running So Noisily?

Because modern air conditioning systems are so effective and reliable, homeowners sometimes overlook “minor” issues as long as the AC still seems to be cooling the house successfully enough. Doing so leaves your system open to serious operational problems, though. If you notice anything unusual about the way in which your system is operating, you need to contact a professional air conditioning technician immediately.

To do so, just dial our number. We can get to the bottom of any air conditioning issues that you may encounter, including strange operational noises. We will diagnose the issue correctly, and complete any air conditioning repairs in Tucson, AZ that you may need.

Screeching sounds are very common, and may indicate that you have a worn out fan belt or even that your belt has slipped off course. Provided that you have the issue resolved promptly, this shouldn’t really have any serious negative impacts on your system. You do risk snapping the belt if you ignore the issue, though. Plus, it could also be the result of insufficient lubrication, which can prove much more problematic. It is this kind of uncertainty that makes the professional diagnosis so important.

Banging and clanging sounds may mean that a component in your system has worked loose of its securings. If this is the case, you risk doing serious damage to your air conditioning system by forcing it to continue running. Not only might the individual component that is banging around be damaged, but that can in turn do damage to other components that are otherwise totally fine.

Finally, keep your ears open for a hissing sound, either in your home or near the outdoor unit. Outside, or near the evaporator within your home, this could be the sound of refrigerant escaping your system through small leaks. It could also be the sound of leaky ductwork losing air in your home, which can really have negative consequences for your energy efficiency.

Work with Goettl Air Conditioning to get your system back on track.

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