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Why Is My AC Making This Sound?

servicing-ACSure, it may be November. That doesn’t mean that it is too late to be doling out quality air conditioning information here in Southern California, though. Even if temperatures are cooling off, it is only a matter of time before the most intense heat of a new year is upon us once more. That is why we want to prepare you for any cooling problems that you may encounter with your system. One great way to spot trouble with your air conditioner isn’t to keep any out, but rather, an ear.

If your air conditioner is making strange, unfamiliar sounds, then you may be facing down any number of potential problems with your system. The good news is that recognizing any such warning signs and taking prompt action to resolve the issue can help to prevent potentially serious damage to your AC. Here are a few examples of strange air conditioning sounds that you may hear, and what they may mean. Contact Goettl Air Conditioning SoCal for AC repairs in Rancho Cucamonga at the first sign of trouble. 

Is Your Air Conditioner Clanging and Banging?

If so, then you are likely dealing with a loose component in the system. You could have a damaged fan blade banging against the cabinet, or the entire blower assembly could be off-kilter. Remember, just because your air conditioner is still blowing out cool air does not mean that all is well. If you continue to run your AC with damaged components in the cabinet, then you are probably going to wind up doing more damage to the system over time. Plus, you definitely won’t be getting the quality performance that you deserve from your air conditioning system.

Is Your Air Conditioner Screeching?

If so, then you are likely dealing with either a worn belt or insufficient lubrication. When metal meets metal due to a lack of lubrication, the components rubbing against each other can emit this screeching sounds. It truly is a cry for help, so be sure to contact us when your system starts screaming at you. Even if it is “just” a worn belt, you’ll want to have it replaced before it breaks entirely, leaving you without a properly operating system.

Is Your System Hissing?

No, it’s not a snake hiding out in your air conditioning — hopefully! A hissing sound coming from your AC could mean a few different problems have developed. First of all, you could have leaks in your ductwork. If this is the case, then you may actually be hearing the sound of air escaping from your system. It could even mean that you have refrigerant leak, with the expulsion of refrigerant from the system resulting in the hissing sound.

No sign of trouble with your air conditioner, auditory or otherwise, should be ignored. Irregularities of any kind could mean that serious problems are in development. We’re here to intervene before that happens.

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