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Why Invest in a Heat Pump?

Keeping your home comfortable throughout the year in this part of the country can be very tricky. At night, the temperature may drop down low enough to warrant running the heater, and then the next day may be hot enough to leave you wishing for some air conditioning! It is for reasons such as this that the heat pump is an HVAC system well-worth your consideration. When properly sized for and professionally installed in your home, a heat pump in Phoenix, AZ is one of the finest HVAC systems available. Consider the following information, and you may just decide that investing in a heat pump is the right move for your comfort. 

What Makes a Heat Pump Such a Great Investment?

As with any major investment, you want to know for certain that you are going to get a great return from your HVAC system. When you invest in a heat pump, this is more or less guaranteed. For starters, your heat pump is the only HVAC system that you are going to need. You can use it to cool your home during the summer, just as you would a traditional central air conditioner. In the winter, though, the cooling process is reversed, and the heat pump absorbs heat from the air outside, compresses its refrigerant, and uses its thermal energy in order to heat the house.

Because the heat pump uses this heat transfer process in order to heat homes, it is also able to heat those homes very efficiently. Only a small amount of electricity is used in the process, and no heat is actually generated. Essentially, the heat pump just moves heat around, and concentrates it during the heating process.

One important thing to remember, though, is to protect your investment. Your heat pump is basically doing twice the amount of work of a traditional heater and air conditioner. With that in mind, you should schedule bi-annual, as opposed to annual, heat pump maintenance.

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