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Why Heat Pumps Make Sense in Catalina AZ

Heat pumps are now popular in many parts of the country for providing year-round home comfort. Using the same technology as air conditioners, heat pumps use heat exchange to move heat from one location and place it in another—but unlike an air conditioner, a heat pump can reverse the direction it moves heat, allowing it to function as an AC and a heater.

At Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, we often recommend heat pumps in Catalina, AZ for a number of reasons. Contact us today to discuss how we can install a heat pump in your home.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps in Catalina, AZ

The major advantage of a heat pump is that it offers both heating and air conditioning in a single space-saving unit. The air conditioning mode of a heat pump is equal in cooling power to a standard air conditioner of equal size, so a heat pump can give you the amount of relief from the heat that you need for a southern Arizona summer.

The heating power of a heat pump is not as strong as the air conditioning mode, mostly because it will lose efficiency when the temperature drops below freezing. But how often does it get that cold in southern Arizona? Heat pumps can give you the warmth you need to make it through the mild Catalina, AZ winters.

(Just in case, you can choose to have a dual fuel heating system installed, which connect a heat pump to a back-up furnace that will come on should the heat pump’s efficiency drop in cold weather.)

You can expect to pay less for the times when you do need heat. Heat pumps do not burn fuel to create heat the way that furnaces do. Instead, they move heat from one place to another, using only a small amount of electricity to run their mechanical parts. U.S. government studies have shown a household can save up to 30% off their heating bills each year with a switch from a furnace to a heat pump.

Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

If heat pumps sound like the best choice possible after reading this, we must caution you that they won’t work ideally with every home (although they’ll work with most). To make sure you install the right system at the right size, call in professional installers early on to help you. You’ll need installers eventually anyway, so have them involved from the start.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has many decades of matching homes with the right heating system in Catalina, AZ. Contact our experienced team today.

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