Why Duct Cleaning is So Important in Marana, AZ

Duct cleaning is the removal of dust and other particles that can build up in your ducts over a period of time. That’s a significant concern in towns like Marana, AZ, where the desert sands are a fact of life and dust levels rise accordingly. There are certainly more interesting ways to spend your money than a good duct cleaning, but it’s a very important part of the proper upkeep of your home. Why? A few of the more prominent reasons can be found below.

The biggest reasons concerns the health of your family. Dirty ducts can spread dust and other particles throughout your home, decreasing the quality of air and increasing the rate of allergy-based irritation. Even those without allergies could suffer from low-grade health issues. A properly cleaned system of ducts means cleaner air in your home, and potentially even an attendant rise in health and enjoyment.

Proper duct cleaning also gives the serviceman a chance to check for leaks and other troubles in the ductwork which could be leading to inefficiency. Leaky ducts bleed cool air out of the system, forcing your air conditioning unit to work harder in order to cool your house. In some cases, ducts can also become clogged with dirt or otherwise obstructed, reducing air flow and similarly increasing your electric bills. The cleaner the ducts are, the more efficient your air conditioning system is and the better it will be able to cool your house.

A proper duct cleaning from a professional technician is almost as important as the decision to get your ducts cleaned in the first place. Qualified professionals will move with care and consideration in your home, laying down protective sheets or padding to prevent their hoses from causing damage. They will conduct a thorough cleaning, and will look into additional factors such as cleaning your main HVAC unit as well as your ducts. And they will back their work with a warranty or a similar guarantee. In Marana, AZ and elsewhere in the Tucson area, you can find such professionalism with the experts at Goettl Good Guys.  We pride ourselves on thoroughness and quality, and members of our Good Guys Maintenance program enjoy a five-year guarantee on all parts and labor.

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