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Commercial AC: Why Choose a Rooftop Unit?

HVAC-rooftop-UnitsLiving in Arizona doesn’t mean that you want to be in the heat every moment of every day. That is why we have air conditioners installed in our home, right? Well, just as homeowners expect to be comfortable in their homes, they too expect to be comfortable when they venture out to a restaurant, store, or any other commercial property. As a commercial property owner and/or manager, it is up to you to guarantee that there is a comfortable environment awaiting their arrival.

This begs the question, of course, of how you choose to cool your commercial property. A lot of this is going to depend upon the size of your property, as well as its design. One option that is definitely worth considering is the rooftop unit. It is important that a professional handles the installation and servicing of a rooftop unit if you want it to function as well as possible, and we can make sure that your rooftop unit in Green Valley, AZ excels.

What Is a Rooftop Unit?

A rooftop unit is quite aptly named. Basically, it is an HVAC unit that is installed on a rooftop! There are different types of rooftop units, including those using traditional AC equipment, gas/electric heating and cooling systems, and even heat pump units. If you are uncertain which type of rooftop unit is best for your property, we are happy to help you make the right decision.

Not only will we ensure that you have the right rooftop unit for your particular needs, we’ll also make sure that the system is sized appropriately in order to handle your heating and cooling demands as efficiently and effectively as possible. So why choose a rooftop unit for your commercial property?

Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Units

A major benefit of the rooftop is, obviously, its location up on the roof. There are a few reasons why this location is beneficial. First of all, necessary as it may be, commercial HVAC equipment is not necessarily the nicest thing to look at. Keeping it up on the roof can help to protect the aesthetics of your property.

Plus, the fact that the system is up on the roof helps to save space on the ground level, and makes the equipment much less susceptible to issues like vandalism. When you have limited parking space at your property, or want to have an outdoor seating area, getting the HVAC equipment out of the way is a major benefit.

Also, keeping the equipment packaged all together up on the rooftop makes it very accessible to technicians when the time for maintenance or repairs comes along. You don’t really want our technicians, friendly as they are, coming through a dining room with their tools in the middle of a dinner service, right? With a rooftop unit, most of the important equipment related to your heating and cooling systems is up there, out of the way, and all in one place. Let Goettl Air Conditioning Tucson know if you have any questions. 

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