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Why Choose a Dual Fuel System?

heat-pump-outdoor-unitAre you in the market for a new home heating system? Being as that we live in such a warm area for so much of the year, you may not really give your heater all that much thought on a regular basis. While we are definitely moving out of the chilliest time of the year, the fact is that we’re still seeing temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s at night. Hot as our days may be in the summer season, you cannot afford to overlook the need for a great heating system around here.

That is exactly why we often suggest the use of a dual fuel system. With a dual fuel system, you can rest assured in knowing that you are always cooling your home in the most efficient manner possible. This is because a dual fuel system combines both a gas furnace and a heat pump into one versatile set-up. Great efficiency is just one of the benefits offered.

How Does a Dual Fuel System Work?

Dual fuel systems are also frequently called “hybrid heating” systems, as they combine more than one heater in their operation. As mentioned above, this means using both a heat pump and a gas furnace. Now, because we don’t have the long, frigid winters that other parts of the country experience, you may be wondering why you would want to spend the money on two different heating systems. The answer to this lies in the heat pump. The heat pump, remember, is capable of reversing its operation. That means that a hybrid heating systems gives you a heater in the gas furnace, and a heater and AC in the heat pump. Essentially, you have 3 systems in 2 at your disposal.

This begs the question of why you wouldn’t just use a heat pump, then. Well, the common misconception is that heat pumps can’t get the job done when temperatures get very cold. That’s not really true, and it’s also not really a concern around here. However, there is a point at which the heat pump will actually be less efficient than a natural gas furnace in its heating mode. A dual fuel system will automatically switch over to the gas furnace when that point arrives, and will automatically switch back to the heat pump when that is — as it generally will be — the more efficient model.

You can expect to pay more for a dual fuel system than you would for a heat pump on its own, obviously. However, the energy savings that you’ll enjoy over time will help to offset that initial higher cost. If you’re looking to invest in your comfort, a dual fuel system may be the way to go.

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Natural gas must be piped into your home by certified professionals, and you need to know that each system in your dual fuel setup is properly sized for your living space. We’ll guarantee that this is the case. Working with our technicians means that you will get the best performances that your new heater and AC have to offer.

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