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When Leaks Happen, Will You Recognize Them?

A longer title to this post would be, When Leaks Happen, and They Will Happen, Will You Recognize ThemPlumbing leaks are an eventuality, not a possibility. Will working with our exceptionally skilled, and exceptionally sunny, plumbers help to minimize the risk and frequency of leaks developing? Absolutely. But part of being a Sunny Plumber is being an honest plumber, and the honest truth here is that no plumbing system is guaranteed to be leak-free. Those are the facts.

Here’s another fact. The more knowledge that you, as a homeowner, have regarding the signs of plumbing leaks in Tucson, the more capable you’ll be of intervening early on and addressing those issues in a timely manner. Doing so not only helps to keep any inconvenience as minor as possible, but also helps to limit any potential damage to your plumbing system or your property at large. So get to know these warning signs, and definitely keep our number handy!

Keep an Eye on Your Bills

This one may be the least obvious, which is why we’re leading with it. Yes, certain plumbing leaks are going to be obvious. Yes, some plumbing leaks will be dramatic and would be impossible to ignore even if you tried. However, there are plenty of plumbing leaks that happen in areas you cannot really get your eyes on, and they may be small enough to fly under the radar for a while. You can’t hide the expense of wasted water, though.

If you notice that your water bill keeps climbing, and you cannot account for why this is happening, then we’ve got a good trick for you. Make sure that all of the faucets and any appliances that use water in your home are off. Check your water meter, and then come back and check it again in an hour or two. If you definitely were not using any water in your home, but that water meter kept ticking higher, then you almost certainly have a leak that is wasting water, wasting money, and putting your property at risk.

Keep an Eye Out for Mold and Stains

Again, gushing water is going to be an obvious sign of a leak. So too is a flooded lower level in your home. However, not all leaks are severe enough to result in these problems. Most will affect your property in some way, though. Keep your eyes out for any signs of staining on floors, walls, and ceilings. This could definitely mean that you have a leak in your plumbing system, and that water is causing dampness that can lead to damage or even mold growth.

Mold is something that no homeowner wants to deal with. It is also something that thrives in damp conditions. While the immediate damage caused by a plumbing leak can be substantial, there is also the ongoing risk of mold to consider.  Once mold sets in, it can be a costly process to have it mitigated by a professional.

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