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What to Expect from Leaky Ductwork

The majority of homeowners in this country use ductwork in order to distribute heated and/or cooled air throughout their homes. This is all well and good, provided that the ductwork being used is in great working condition. Too often, though, this is simply not the case. If your ductwork is torn or leaking, you will undoubtedly encounter a few different problems in your home. However, because ductwork is largely hidden from view in most homes, a lot of homeowners fail to even realize that their ductwork is compromised. Here are a few signs to look out for which may indicate the need for professional duct sealing in Tucson, AZ. Contact a member of the Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning team if you suspect that this is the case.

Plummeting Efficiency

Regardless of whether you are heating or cooling your home, you will definitely see a drop in energy efficiency when doing so should your ductwork be compromised. While the conditioned air escaping your ductwork is not going to simply evaporate, of course, it will likely not wind up in the area in which it is needed most. Because of this, your system will have to work overtime in order to balance temperatures throughout the house, driving up your energy bills in the process.

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

Another common sign of improperly sealed or damaged ductwork is a decrease in indoor air quality throughout the house. When your ductwork is leaky, it can allow pollutants to make their way into your ductwork. Once they have, those pollutants can then be distributed throughout your entire household via your ductwork.

Uneven Heating and/or Cooling

If your ductwork is not well sealed, you will likely wind up with hot or cold spots throughout your home. Your HVAC system ought to be able to heat your home in an effective, even manner. If not, you may be in need of our stellar duct sealing services.

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