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What Is the Purpose of Blower Door Testing?

Many homeowners do everything they can to maintain energy efficiency in your home. You can turn off lights when you leave a room, program your air conditioner to shut off when you are away, and most utility companies allow you to keep track of your energy use throughout the day by providing you with details about your daily energy consumption.

However, no matter what you do to control your energy bill throughout the day, hidden areas of your home may actually be responsible for a great deal of energy loss that is rather difficult to pin down. With professional blower door testing, a service offered by only a select few heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors, you may discover a variety of reasons that your home is not actually running as efficiently as it could be.

So what is involved in blower door testing? This service includes the use of highly advanced professional equipment to determine which areas of the home allow air or heat to escape or enter the home. When you have air leaks, poor insulation, cracks, or other problems with your home, it’s probable that your heating and air conditioning unit isn’t performing as well as it otherwise could. Heat naturally moves from an area of warmth to a cooler area, but insulation in the walls creates a barrier so that this cannot happen so easily. With a leak, heat easily moves into your home in the summer or out of your home in the winter, so you do not get the same performance from your home comfort system as you should. Furthermore, when air moves outside of your home, your HVAC system has to work harder, resulting in worn out parts, frequent repairs, and drastically reduced efficiency.

With blower door testing, your home is sealed and protected while a large fan is hooked up to your door, pulling air out of your home. Experts can then use a tool to measure the amount of pressure throughout the home. This gives them the ability to locate the exact source of air leaks and help you determine the best course of action to take to improve efficiency, whether it be increased insulation, renovations, or sealing leaks.

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