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What Is Causing My Air Conditioner to Blow Warm Air?

Because we live in such an oppressively hot climate, any problems with our air conditioning systems in Phoenix, AZ are serious cause for concern. Of course, your AC need not break down entirely to give you problems. Imagine coming in from the heat, only to find that your home is no more comfortable than the desert setting that surrounds you!

As is the case with so many air conditioning problems, the issue of your system blowing hot air has a few potential underlying causes. Some are obvious and can easily be remedied, while others can be quite serious and will require professional services. Whatever the case may be, contact us if you need to get your air conditioner back on track.

Thermostat Problems

It is possible that resolving the hot air blowing out of your air conditioner will be as simple as resetting your thermostat. We all make mistakes, especially if we’re trying to get out of the house early or are otherwise distracted. You may have set your thermostat temperature too high, so your home cooling system is not sufficiently cooling the air that it is distributing throughout your home. It is also possible that you only have the fan setting activated. However, you may also have a faulty thermostat that is reading temperatures wrong, in which case repairs or a replacement may be necessary.

Icing Issues

When ice builds up on the evaporator coil of your air conditioning system, it acts as an insulator. This prevents the refrigerant being evaporated in this coil from successfully removing heat from the air surrounding it, which in turn puts more strain on your home cooling system. That can lead you to pay more for a lesser performance from your AC, while also increasing the risk of damages. While a very dirty air filter, which you can replace yourself, could lead to this problem, it could also be the result of refrigerant leaks. Even if you don’t have ice on your system, a loss of refrigerant will seriously impede the operation of your system as a whole.

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