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What Exactly Are UV Germicidal Lights?

Even if your HVAC system allows you to both heat and cool your home effectively and efficiently, it is possible that you will wind up living in lesser comfort than you deserve. The reason for this is simple; temperature maintenance is only a part of the overall comfort equation. Another equally important factor is the quality of the air throughout your home. Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons as to why your indoor air quality may suffer. You must also keep in mind the fact that different issues require different solutions. If you are unhappy with the quality of the air in your home, and biological pollutants are the problem you face, then using UV germicidal lights in Phoenix, AZ may be advisable.  Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning for all of your IAQ service needs.

What They Are

UV germicidal lights are, despite a complex name, rather simple devices. Simply put, they are lamps which are installed directly into your air ducts, typically by the air handler, where they can treat all of the air passing through the system. They emit safe amounts of UV (ultraviolet) radiation – safe, that is, for any people, pets, babies, etc. within your home. They are anything but safe for the biological pollutants in the air passing beneath them. The radiation emitted destroys such pollutants at a biological level, leaving them incapable of reproduction. You won’t have to worry about them continuing to reproduce on air filters when you use UV germicidal lights as well.

Using UV Germicidal Lights Successfully

UV germicidal lights do not filter the air or clean it in the manner of electronic air cleaners such as electronic precipitators. This means that they are a good supplement to, but never a replacement for, basic air filtration/air cleaning systems. If you have bad allergy and/or asthma symptoms, or if you have had issues with mold proliferation in your home, then you should consider the use of UV germicidal lights. Give us a call for more details.

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