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What Does El Niño Mean for Your HVAC System in Phoenix?

El Niño (technically termed “The El Niño Southern Oscillation” or ENSO) is a condition that occurs off the Western Coast of South America when the sea surface temperature is warmer than normal. In turn, this triggers unusual changes in climate that can affect parts of the Western Pacific United States. The variations can lead to higher precipitation in some regions, and drier climates in others. For 2014, the current predictions for El Niño through to January is that it will be weaker than usual, and the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has cautioned that there is “reduced confidence that El Niño will fully materialize in at least five overlapping consecutive 3-month values.”

What does this mean for us in the Valley? Generally, during El Niño we would experience a wetter and cooler winter season. Historical tracking of precipitation during El Niño across central Arizona over a hundred-year period shows an average increase in rain fall of 143% compared to non-El Niño years. Although the current predictions for the season lean toward a weaker El Niño—or possibly none at all—we may still experience a large increase in rain fall in the Valley, rising from 2.71 inches for the winter to 4.81 inches, with generally cooler conditions than usual. We at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning want to make sure you are prepared for any event and can keep your house warm through the season.

It’s important that you have maintenance done for your heating system before the winter weather arrives, especially considering the unpredictable conditions and the chance of long rainy stretches due to El Niño. Heating systems in Phoenix, AZ need complete inspections and tune-ups this season more than ever. If you use a heat pump for warmth—as many Phoenix homes do—it is crucial to make sure that the outdoor unit of the system is weatherproofed in case of extended periods of rain that might damage it.

Another reason to call for HVAC technicians to inspect your heating is to see that the ventilation system doesn’t have any obstructions and its filters are clear. An increase in moisture brings with it a danger of mold infestations in your ductwork, which you want to stop as soon as possible or else it will affect your indoor air quality.

To help prepare heating systems in Phoenix, AZ to keep homes warm, Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning offers quality maintenance and inspections services.

Our heating tune-up will make sure that your home’s HVAC system is ready to weather whatever El Niño can send our way. Call us today!

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